Awesome Electronic Toys For Kids

The VTech product, information, and additional gift pack have been provided by VTech. I have a son who is 100% rough and tumble boy. He will be the first one to chase you through the house with his Nerf dart gun or challenge you to a Ninja fight (whatever that is!). He is always outside on the trampoline, the slack line, in the creek or riding his bike, scooter or skateboard. He loves to watch wrestling with his dad and I cannot count how many “fights” I have broken up between those two. In my defense, I do not watch wrestling, so how was I to know when my husband is yelling “Tap Out, Tap Out” and Henry is screaming “NOOOOOOOOO” was their idea of  playing? I thought they were killing each other! When there is an opportunity for me to get Henry to play with cool toys for boys, I am all over it. One of my all time favorite toy companies for kids is VTech Kids. We have a ton of their products in their home and my husband and I have products from VTech as well. We are uber VTech fans in the Hutchinson house!

Cool Toys For Boys From VTech Kids

Cool Toys For Boys

I had Chelsea and then Caitlin before I had Henry, so I was used to how girls exist. I was not prepared for the whole testosterone flying around the house vibe that comes with a boy. I get so tickled watching Henry racing around the house while in boy mode. As a mom, I also appreciate a break from the craziness and when I can, I try to coax Henry into playing with cool toys for boys. When he found out we were getting some new toys from VTech Kids, he was jumping up and down like a crazy person. So much for the whole chill vibe I was going for! We received 3 Switch and Go Dinos and Jagger The T-Rex and they are so dang cool! These little guys switch from a car or a motorcycle to a dinosaur with a few flips and turns in a matter of seconds. All of the Switch and Go toys make dinosaur sounds and tells kids neat dinosaur factoids and when in the other mode, makes appropriate sound effects.

Stompsalot the Amargasaurus, the blue guy,  changes from a hot rod that makes car sound effects to a kick butt dinosaur that has menacing light up eyes and makes some pretty impressive dino sounds. The red Switch and Go Dino, Akuna the Velociraptor, changes from a lightening fast and super cool motorcycle to a small but ferocious dinosaur. Last, but not least, is the yellow Quiver the Stygimoloch that changes from a speed racing car to a spiky horned little menace! This one is personally my favorite but Henry fell in love with Stompsalot.

Jagger The T-Rex

The best of the best would of course be our favorite big guy, Jagger The T-Rex. This dinosaur is like the Cadillac of electronic toys and when I tell you the kids will be playing with him for hours, I am not kidding! Henry was completely fascinated with Jagger from the moment he crashed out of the box (ok, Henry broke him free of his cardboard bondage) . Jagger is voice activated, so if you tell him to “change his voice”, he talks in this hilarious high pitched voice. If you tell him to “go”, buddy he goes! He transforms from a piece of construction equipment with a working crane and bulldozer, and back to the T-Rex in just a few simple steps. The construction unit has a voice activated drill bit that launches and trust me when I tell you that Henry loves to do that to you when you walk into his room! When he is Jagger the T-Rex, he stomps, roars and his eyes are even animated! He is the coolest dinosaur still walking the planet and we cannot get enough of him! BE sure to enter your little dinosaur in the roar-tastic photo sweepstakes on the VTech Facebook page today. Snap a pic of your little one doing his or her best dinosaur impression and enter the Dino Roar Photo Sweepstakes. One lucky grand prize winner will receive the complete line of Switch and Go Dinos.

You can purchase the smaller Switch and Go Dinos for $15.99 and Jagger for $69.99 from the VTech Kids website as well as Toys R Us and other select stores where electronic toys are sold.

One USA reader will (3) Switch and Go Dinos, chosen at random, (ARV for 3 is $47.97)


  1. My uncle and brother are drummers. I would LOVE for my son to drum, too. Therefore, my favorite product is the KidiBeats Drum set! Thank you

  2. i love the new v-tech girls line, now that my daughter is just getting old enouhg to understand these toys. as for the dinos my son would love the giganotasaurus! thats the one he always talks about on dinosaur train. lol

  3. my son is begging for these every time the commercial comes on. I also think the innotab 3 would be a hit in are house.

  4. I really like the Stompsalot the Amargasaurus. It wold make wonderful Christmas gift for my grandson. Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. I would LOVE to have the Innotab 3s. This product is perfect for my growing toddler. Thanks again for this AWESOME giveaway!!!

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