Do You Have A Pet Friendly Living Space?
I am a cat lover and have been since I was a little girl.  My mom raised and trained show dogs and those dogs were hers.  My sister and I shared a Siamese cat we named Luv and I have had cats ever since.  My latest, Hazel and Meep, are by far the coolest cats I have ever had.  Hazel is black and white,  fat and sassy,  sticks to me like glue and meows like a goat (Maaaaa).  Meep, Hazel’s sister, is white with a black Mickey Mouse head on her back, is thin and the sweetest girl ever.  The name Meep came from Henry who has a “secret” language and Meep means “very happy”.  Because I love these girls so much, I wanted to make sure I was creating a comfortable place for them to live.  Do you have a pet friendly living space?  Read these tips to find out:

Do You Have A Pet Friendly Living Space?

  • Think Like A Pet: Literally get on all fours and take a tour of your home from your pets perspective.  Do you see any choking or strangling hazards like electrical cords or small toys?  Are they able to get into harmful human food?  Is the toilet lid down so they can’t fall in? Much like baby proofing a house, the process for a pet is similar.
  • Give Them Some Space: Just like humans, pets need their own space.  Most pets don’t need a lot, just a small area they can hide out  for a while!  If you have the room, add a few pieces your pet can play in, especially for pets that do not go outside.  Just like humans, pets need exercise to stay healthy (I know, tell that to Hazel).
  • Sleeping Quarters: I let me cats sleep with me, but they also have a bed if they prefer to sleep on that.  If you are a pet owner who does not like your pet to sleep with you, create a sleeping area for them and make sure they know it is just for them.
  • Feeding Time: Pets need to be fed in an area that is separate from where they sleep and use the bathroom.  Although they will eat out of any container, I prefer to have a nice food and water station that looks nice in our house.
  • Bathroom Breaks: Most dogs use the bathroom on a schedule they have learned while cats go when they want.  Be sure to keep the area clean where your pet uses the bathroom or they will use the bathroom on your nice floors!

Contemporary Pet Products

Cool Toys For Cats

When you are choosing items for your pet that will be used in your home, you need to decide what look you want.  I wanted pieces that will blend in with our decor because most of their things are out in the open.  We decided on contemporary pet products  like the goods from Pet-Fusion.  They have such Cool Toys For Cats. At Pet-Fusion, you can find great looking items that have been featured in Martha Stewart Living, the LA Times and Modern Cat.  The mission of Pet-Fusion is to bring consumers high quality products that look good, your pet will love and will easily fit into your home decor.  With their streamlined good looks and functionality, I am not surprised these products are so popular.  I was sent three products for my girls: The Cat Scratcher Deluxe Lounge, the SmartGrip Litter Mat and the Elevated Pet Bowl holder in Pine with two stainless bowls.  

I can not praise the litter mat enough because it has solved the issue we have struggled with, which is litter on the floor.  The only space we have to put the litter box in is the bathroom closet and because it is small, the cats get litter everywhere.  With the mat, the litter stays in on the mat and I just use the hand vac to clean it up.  The food station is really nice looking and are the perfect height for the girls.  Our favorite, rather the cats favorite is the Scratcher Deluxe Lounge, which I must say is aptly named!  The girls stay on the lounge for hours every day!  They love to scratch on it, play on it, sleep on it and play their version of king, I mean queen, of the mountain, I mean lounge!  You can purchase the Pet-Fusion products at their online store as well as Amazon.  The items we received sell for $19.95, $19.95 and $49.95 respectively.

Enter makobipf at Amazon the checkout for 5 percent off all Pet-Fusion products.