Happy Motorworks Boys

When I was a kid,  a lot of the toys we played with lasted a long time. It seems they were made from better materials and were built to last for more then a few days. With the toys today, it seems they are making a more disposable toy than one the kids can play with for a while. With two active kids at home who are not exactly gentle with their toys, we get a lot of broken parts pretty quickly. This past Christmas, 2 of the toys Henry got broke before the end of the day and he was so disappointed. If I am going to spend our money on stuff for the kids to play with, they better last for a while. I recently heard about Manhattan Toy, a company that was started back in 1979 by a motion picture moguls grandson. Francis Goldwyn, grandson of studio owner Sam Goldwyn, had a vision to create long lasting toys made with non traditional fabrics that were made to last.

Cool Wooden Toy Cars For Kids Are Always Popular

Cool Wooden Toy Cars For Kids Are Always Popular

My 12 year old Henry has not always been a fan of playing with cars. It was not until the past year or so that he took an interest in them, which in part was because his BFF loves cars and trucks. When one of my favorite people asked if we would like to receive a new wooden car and truck line of toys called Motorworks, Henry was really excited. I was also excited because for me cool wooden toy cars for kids are always popular and I loved that he would find that out. The cars came when Henry’s BFF Adam was here and you can see from their smiles how excited they were!

We were sent the Monster Truck and Fire Chief vehicle and the accessory packs. The cars are extremely well made and the parts are easily changed in and out and are universal, so they can mix and match many of them. The boys took the plastic containers the cars came in and made them into their top secret garages that were not plastic but were actually invisible (like Wonder Woman’s plane?). They had those cars running up and down my hallway for probably 3 hours and then for about the same the next day. To say they love the cars would be a complete understatement.  You can purchase the cars individually or in a set of 2 or 3 as well as several accessory packs and wheel packages. You can purchase the Motorworks cars from their online storefront for ($10-$17) and the accessory packs ($10-$12)


  1. I love Manhattan Toy Company. Picking one thing from them as a favorite is undoable! 🙂 But we do love the Whoozit…one of our daughter’s first toys that she still enjoys years later. It’s just fun.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  2. I would love the Imagine I Can Fairy Enchanted set for my daughter. She’s obsessed with fairies, and could really use a set of wings 🙂

  3. My boys would love the MagnaMobiles Police Car and the Dr. Seuss Hand Puppet THE CAT IN THE HAT. Many cool toys…

  4. i love anything that me and my children can do as a group. they have such young and simple minds, but broadening them and helping them grow through play makes me the happiest father ever!

    so i guess for my son it would be the Wooden Toy Car. for my daughter theres a few different products so i can not pinpoint an exact one for her

  5. LOVE the Put & Peek Birdhouse! My nephew would have so fun playing with this birdhouse!

    • I did not follow on Instagram. The rafflecopter moved about the time I was gonna click! LOL I don’t have an Instagram capable phone. Sorry!

  6. my friend’s son would LOVE the garage. i have been on disability and haven’t been able to afford a baby gift…he’s already 2 years old, and no gift yet from me 🙁

  7. Imagine I can sew sweet. I am a novice seamstress. For my oldest daughters 5th birthday we got her a beginning sewing machine. My middle daughter who is almost 4 would love this, as she can’t wait to learn to sew also!

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