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Corkcicle Wine Chiller Sweepstakes

Corkcicle Wine Chiller

The Corkcicle Wine Chiller is one of the hottest new gifts ideas for 2011!  Living in Florida where it is warm almost year round, it is impossible to sit outside and enjoy a bottle of chilled wine without keeping it in an ice bucket.  The ice bucket can be bulky, the ice melts and usually ends up dripping all over everything.  The Corkcicle is the ingenious invention that keeps your wine chilled without the mess of an ice bucket.

Keeping White Wine Chilled

Not only is the Corkcicle perfect for keeping white wine chilled, its also great to use with room temperature red wine!  The Corkcicle is simple and easy to use.  Simply remove the Corkcicle from the box and place it in the freezer.  Once the Corkcicle is frozen, insert the Corkcicle into the chilled bottle of white wine or room temperature red.  When you are done enjoying your wine, wash and re-freeze the Corkcicle until next use.  It’s that easy!

Optimal Temperature for Red Wine

What’s perfect about the Corkcicle is it not only keeps your white wine chilled, it also creates the optimal temperature for red wine.  Keeping wine on the table without chilling can cause to temperature to rise quickly, creating a change in the balance of alcohol and destroying the flavor.  Chilling the wine in an ice bucket can drop the temperature too cold, masking the delicious flavors and complexities of the wine.  The Corkcicle keeps the wine at the perfect balanced temperature, maintaining the best flavor for the wine.  The Corkcicle chills the wine from the inside, unlike an ice bucket that chills it from the outside.

The Corkcicle is great because you can use it over and over again.  The Corkcicle would make a great gift for the wine lover as well as a great hostess gift for all the upcoming holiday parties.  The Corkcicle retails for $29.95 (currently on sale for $22.95).  They also sell a 3 pack and a freezer rack that holds up to 16 Corkcicles!  Follow them on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest product information.
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