When you have small children, it is necessary to be prepared with both Cottonelle Flushable Wipes and Toilet Paper.  Cottonelle has the softest toilet paper, which is so good not only for the children but also for us adults.  Using rough toilet paper makes my children cry and it does not make me feel so happy either.

Comforts Of Home

With the holidays here, we have more people than usual coming in and out of the house so being fully stocked is an absolute necessity.  In fact, it is the one thing in our house I make sure we always have plenty stocked piled.  However, our usage will be up this month with the additional guests.  As much fun as traveling can be, there are still some comforts of home that are missed, one of those comforts being one’s own bathroom.  In order to make things as comfortable as possible for our guest, I use the softest toilet paper around – Cottonelle.

Growing up, my family never kept flushable wipes on hand.  Now that I have a family of my own I always have the flushable wipes for my children.  As an adult, I have grown to appreciate flushable wipes as well.  Using the Cottonelle Flushable Wipes and Toilet Paper together really does help you feel fresh and clean.  In fact, this two-step process is something that Cottonelle feels is deserving of its very own name.

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As you may remember, I posted about the Cottonelle “name it” contest for naming their two-step clean-up process for their soft toilet paper and flushable wipes last month.  Readers of Makobi Scribe were very creative in their “name it” submissions.  Some of my favorites were:  The Clean Sweep, Soft and Gentle, and Pristine Dazzle – although all of them were very creative!

The Cottonelle “Name It” Contest is still going on right now on Facebook.  The prize is a year’s supply of Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care and Cottonelle Fresh Care products! I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Cottonelle. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.