Football season is has officially begun! My husband and I love football season! Its the perfect excuse to together with friends, have some yummy food, and a few adult beverages. I’m always at a struggle on what to bring to parties or what to serve at my own house. I like to bring/serve something different and something people will absolutely love. I came across Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce and was excited when they agreed to do a review. Country Bob’s All Purpose has amazing flavor and a variety of suggested recipes to choose from. I first decided I would try the Country Bob’s Picking Food recipe to bring to a family get-to-together. The recipe’s main ingredients (besides the “secret sauce”) was rice chex, pretzels, and nuts. This recipe was a hit with my family! Everyone wanted to know what I used to make it so good! I’m excited to give a few more of Country Bob’s recipes a shot!

Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce is more then just a recipe adder. You can use it to marinate meat and dip steak, chicken, hamburger, fish, fries, and whatever else you think it would be tasty with/on it. My 3 year old daughter loves to dip. It’s the only way I can get her to eat meat. I thought this would be a great way to get her to eat some chicken and she loved the sauce! Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce is sold on the Country Bob’s website starting at $13.98 for a half case (six bottles). Country Bob’s offers a spicy All Purpose Sauce for those who are a little more “daring”.

Country Bob’s sells a tasty BBQ sauce, seasoning salt, cookbook and gift packs. ’m always on the hunt for perfect gifts for the holiday season and this would be a great gift or item to put in a office gift basket.


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