Country Crock Dessert Party

This is my gang! We all met through a local mom’s group called Mamapalooza. We get together with our kids and share our lives and play. Right before Christmas we get together and make treats for our family and friends. Cooking is always more fun when you have plenty of hands to help especially when it comes to making candy and cookies. We also had great fun making such a mess. The picture above was taken after much wine, food and right before presents. I was having such a good time creating, I am glad I thought to grab my phone when we sat down for the group picture or I would have missed it!

Country Crock Recipes

We were really busy the first half of the night creating a HUGE mess in the kitchen. This is just the dining room table, but with 11 ladies, we were spread into the kitchen covering every inch of counter and even spread into my office/den. Country Crock helped me to facilitate this party in exchange for creating a recipe. Just leave it to 11 moms to overachieve and create more recipes than I could post. You can see we went from nougat to covered marshmallows and even a chocolate fudge and cookies. I tried to capture all of the great ones, but a few were eaten before, a few were slightly sloppy but tasted great and then some, I just missed because I was having to much fun playing!

Country Crock Candy

Usually when we get together to create, we each bring a cookie sheet and let loose. The only requisite of the recipe was that you used Country Crock. I love how you can create so many things with the different varieties that Country Crock offers. I usually gravitated towards the Country Crock light because I figured with all of the calories in the chocolate, I could stand to cut a few.

Country fresh taste and great spreadability  with 0g trans fat per serving, no hydrogenated oils and 75% less saturated fat than butter, half the calories of butter, and no cholesterol*.

I also enjoyed the subtle taste that the different flavored varieties offered when you replaced the simple spread. My favorite was adding a pumpkin spice undertone with the Pumpkin Spice Country Crock. I even caught several girls tasting it straight!

Country Crock Dessert Recipes

We gathered the best looking recipes and created a showy spread before we divided the goodies up to take home. We thought the wine glasses made a nice touch to the photo by adding the ingredients that we used. These were the only goodies that were left that we had enough to make even rows. Next time I will take pictures before we sample! Each mom also took home a wine glass  with a challenge to create something we made and feature it in the photo on Facebook. It is the little things that amuse us. Do you create silly challenges with your friends? Here is a summary of all the recipes we created at our Mom’s Night In Country Crock Dessert Party. Just click on the picture to take you right to the recipe.

Fruitcake Nougat CandyPeanut Butter Chocolate Sandwich RecipeCreamy Butter Fudge
Peppermint Fudge Bites RecipeRocky Road Chocolate Bark Recipe
You can also visit the Country Crock recipe site to try out tantalizing recipes for vegetables, meat and other delicious creations. Even though, we satisfied our sweet tooth, Country Crock is great for veggies and meats as well.


  1. I love this idea!!! Wished I had seen this for the Xmas Ugly Sweater Party! But def could do this for other kinds of parties! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, these all look so yummy! I don’t know which recipe to try first! It sounds like a really fun idea too to cook together with your friends. I wish I had a big enough kitchen to do that!

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