This post is promoted by Cozi. I don’t know about you, but life gets kind of crazy when it is time for everyone to go back to school. The kids are being carried and shuffled back and forth to school while they (as well as us) are adjusting to our new schedules. I have one boy starting flag football, and one in soccer, while neither are on campus. Even though they have free lunch at all the schools, each boy wants a special lunch packed, which naturally are different. So now I need to keep up with who is eating what, who has what homework, where I need to be and what I have due for my job. Yay September!


The Cozi Family Organizer, has been a tremendous relief for my family. Even my kids can use it at ages 7 and 5. They have it downloaded to their ipads! Jakobi and Mason both know what days their practices are, so they know in the morning to get the proper gear ready by the front door. Jakobi even adds food he wants to my list. It did not cost me any money to get the app on all our platforms. I even had my boyfriend, his mom, and my parents download it as well. Cozi truly is a promotion for family togetherness. You can upgrade to Cozi Gold even though the majority of what I use is free.


I just don’t like seeing the ads, which is why I prefer to use the Gold version. I love I can import the school board calendar along with my gmail calendar. Now my kids’ dad doesn’t have to message me to ask where we are, what they have to do, or who is getting which kid on which day. Again, perfect for promoting harmony and peace within my family!

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