Brylane Home Gazebo

One of the many perks of living in beautiful Florida is the gorgeous sunny weather we get much of the year. One of the drawbacks of living in beautiful Florida is the hot sunny weather we get much of the year! We are a family that really enjoys being outdoors, so where we live is just perfect. The issue is when you have younger kids who have tender skin, being out in the sun too much can be quite damaging. We recently took a relaxing vacation to the beach and we spent a lot of time outside. We all had a really wonderful time and had plenty of fun in the sun. Now we are home, I want to protect the boys from getting even more sun than they already have.

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We spend a lot of time in our backyard, so I want it to be pleasant to hang out in. Last year, I got my husband a Tiki bar for his birthday. We have had friends over and it has definitely been a huge hit with the young and older crowds alike. The boys have their little table and some outdoor toys, so they have some fun stuff out there as well. The one thing we were missing was shade.

The Hexagon Gazebo gives you the enjoyment of nature without having to succumb to the elements. With all of us fresh from the beach and with a lot of time in the sun, this is the perfect protection for us.

We can easily fit a table and chairs to hang out without worrying about bugs bothering us, and the kids think it is their very own clubhouse. The boys can like to color, paint, or play with their toys outside, and when they do it under the gazebo we don’t have to worry about sunburn.

PicMonkey Collage The Gazebo is made of a heavy gauge steel frame. It has a waterproof PVC coated canvas canopy which can take what the elements give it and not be fazed. It is lightweight yet durable and with almost 9 feet of height, you get the feeling of being in the open without being exposed in the open. The fine netting keeps the bugs out but still gives you plenty of freedom and openness. This is a product that my family is going to enjoy for years to come and we absolutely love it! In the above picture you can see the straps to hold the canopy down, the tie backs for the screen, how the canopy stays on the frame with the stakes, and the configuration of the frame. You can purchase the New and Improved Hexagon Gazebo from the Brylane Home website for $249.00, but right now it is on sale for only $99! Special thanks to my AWESOMESAUCE son, Billy, who helped me put this project together!!!

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