Create Compost For Your Garden

Gardening is one of the most popular outdoor hobbies for millions of people. For some, this is a fun way to relieve stress, get creative and see the fruits of their labor. For others, gardening is more serious to them as it is how they provide many of the foods their family eats. Regardless of your experience level or reasoning for tending a garden, the results are the same. In order to grow a healthy garden, there are certain steps you should take. One of those steps is how you feed your garden, and and using compost is an important part of that process. Here are some tips to help you make your own compost:

Tips For Creating Compost For Your Garden Pin

Tips For Creating Compost For Your Garden

  1. Know Your Materials: In order to make the most effective compost, there are items you should and should not include in the mix. Some of the yes materials are fruit and vegetable scraps, eggshells, coffee grounds and grass and plant clippings. Some of the no materials are anything which contains meat, oil, fat, or grease, sawdust, dog or cat feces, weeds that go to seed and dairy products.
  2. Get A Compost Container: You need a good compost bin to keep all of your materials in. This is important for sanitary as well as convenience reasons. I chose to use the Green Cycler, the first kitchen pre-composting system on the market.

    The Green Cycler makes composting super easy and convenient, which I truly appreciate.
  3. Know How To Apply It: Once you have collected enough compost materials to add to your garden, you need to know how to properly add it in. You want to spread the mix evenly over your garden bed and gently mix it into the soil. Water the soil/compost mixture until is it soft and spongy but not soaked and runny.

Because I have a greenhouse and have been planting flowers and herbs, I wanted to make them grow as healthy and big as possible. Compost is such a great way to do that and it is easy and more affordable to make your own. Compost is called “black gold” for a great reason! It is a gold mine of nutrients to make your garden grow larger and healthier plants, flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables.With the Green Cycler, I can just add my scraps as I cook and because it is right there on my counter. With it’s sleek modern design, this super-effective food scrap shredder and recycling system fits in with just about any decor.

What is great about the Green Cycler, is you get the benefits of compost without the hassle of managing a large compost bin or pile. Many people just do not have the space for a larger compost bin or pile, so the Green Cycler is a great solution. It has been called the #1 secret to making this process work quickly is shredding kitchen scraps before they go in the ground. You can purchase the basic Green Cycler for $100 from the Green Cycler website and the models go all the way to the Green Cycler Platinum for $130. Be sure to follow Green Cycler on Pinterest and YouTube.

What do you/would you like to grow in your garden?