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Create Your Own Notebook From May Books Sweepstakes

Create Your Own Notebook

How fun would school have been if you were able to create your own notebooks?  I would have LOVED that!  I was the girls that was looking out the window and doodling while the teachers were talking.  Odd thing about me is something most people hate; I can pay attention only a fraction of the time and still have good grades! I know…sorry.  If I could have transferred my doodles to the cover of a notebook, I would have had some pretty gnarly notebooks!  My sister was also one to doodle and she was a punk rocker at the time, so you can only imagine the weird stuff that she drew on her notebook! It came as no surprise when she brought home her latest boyfriend during that time and he had a big and bright blue Mohawk.  I wish I had taken a picture of my mom’s face!  It was hysterical!

I want to introduce you to the person I wished I had been when I was in high school.  Mica May was a girl who hated ugly notebooks and I imagine was a doodler herself.  In order to break the chain of ugliness, May decided to make pretty notebooks for one and all to enjoy and May Books was born!!  The very thoughtful Mica May didn’t want to make a customer choose from a handful of notebooks that Mica herself had chosen for her line of notebooks.  Instead, Mica gave her customers a gazillion bright and happy patterns which she decided should be monogrammed or personalized the way her customers wanted.  When you add those into the notebook itself which could be blank, lined, dotted or even gridded.it is past tense for “grid”).  What Mica ended up with was an uber cool company that gave their equally cool fans the opportunity to bust the mold of Ho-Hum-Yawnable (yep, made up) traditional notebooks on the market.

Personalized Notebooks

I absolutely love the idea of finding a company that offers you completely personalized notebooks.  Mica had such a simple yet out of the box idea that has turned into one of the coolest shops you can find in cyberspace.  I had an incredibly fun time looking through the myriad of patterns May Books has to offer.  I finally found the PERFECT design for my notebook.  My oldest daughter Chelsea has recently developed a thing for moustaches.  let me clarify; she doesn’t like them on men necessarily, but rather on anything else imaginable.  She has a mug, a tee shirt and a few other knick knacks with a moustache on it, but not a notebook!!  Low and behold, May Books has a repeating moustache pattern in their gallery.  It was like kismet that I should find May Books and the moustache notebook.  What you will love, love, love about May Books are the little details that virtually all shops have stopped using: machine sewn binding.  Also, the canvas covers are unlike most covers on the market.  These super cool notebooks and eco-friendly covers are not only good for the environment, but they are good for making you smile!

One reader will receive a coupon code for one customized notebook (ARV $12.00-$20.00)


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