When I first did the kids room, I decided what it would look like. They had slept pretty much in their older brother’s room, like I was talking about in Getting Your Kids Back Into Their Room. I knew I had to let them do more than just watch. We had chosen the Ready, Set Glow! Disney paint, part of the Glidden Disney paint line from Walmart. We bought glow in the dark stars to go with our Space theme. I let the kids help every step of the way during this project in hopes that they would feel more connected with their room. Mason is standing up on the top bunk helping to put the stars on the ceiling.


I also purchased a black light and neon stickers. The boys and I covered their closet with dots, and then I let them paint glow in the dark paint spots on each of the dots to make them glow when the lights were off. They had no problem applying the paint and it was thick enough that it didn’t really drip or run when they used a circular sponge brush. There are how-to videos on using the paint on the Disney Specialty Finish at You can also make a customized print plan to have a more professional look than letting your kids just wing it. I felt that it was more important to get my kids involved than it was to have a perfect looking room, but for those who desire a beautiful, professional look it is really easy to obtain! The gallery is full of great ideas and inspiration and has easy-to-follow instructions!


One of the things I loved about the glow-in-the-dark paint is that you cannot see the imperfections of your designs when the lights are off. It was also hard to see where the kids had been, so I had to do the touch ups in the black light. How fun right!!? I let Jakobi “color” in the planets. I think he did a great job for a 5-year-old don’t you? He pretty much stayed in the lines! I was very impressed.



My boys had such a great time helping me paint the room; and when we finished and turned off the lights, they jumped and screamed like it was the best thing since sliced bread. That night they both slept in their own room all night long! They also go to bed easier now because nighttime is now fun. Mason is no longer “scared” to be in a dark room at night, because it really isn’t all that dark. By the time that the glow has faded, they are both sound asleep.


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