Bring The Indoors Out With A Deck
Hello, and welcome to this week’s post in our Makeover Monday series.  This week we are going to talk about how to bring the indoors out with a deck.  Living in the south, we have pretty mild weather in the fall and into winter.  It is a bit unpredictable as I have worn shorts on Christmas and have been snowed in on Halloween!  I love to be outdoors either entertaining or just hanging out with my family.  I am not all that crazy about traditional patio furniture because it makes me feel like I am in the garden department at the discount store!  I would much rather make the deck as warm and inviting as my family room that beckons from just on the other side of the kitchen!  I wanted to share some great suggestions on making your deck or patio a place where you can have fun, relax or a little of both.

Creating An Outdoor Living Space On A Wood Deck

  •  Get Clean:  Before you begin to do any decorating on your deck, you should get a pressure washer and give it a good cleaning.  It is simply amazing what that machine can do to bring a deck or patio back to life!  Check with your local hardware store to ask if they rent the machines as many of them do.
  •  Flora: Plant some greenery in brightly colored pots and you can add some real beauty to your deck.  Ferns and small trees work well but you can also add some container gardens to add some variety and texture to your space.
  •  Flooring: Some of the best floor coverings for your deck would be oversized area rugs or floor covering.  There are many choices for an appropriate indoor/outdoor rug that you are sure to find exactly what you need.  A few newly popular rugs are those made from recycled products like plastic bags or eco-friendly bamboo.

Deck Before

  •  Decor: This is the fun part, right?  There are so many options for your décor that the possibilities are limitless.  An easy way to cozy up the space is with pillows.  The best bet would be to include a variety of sizes, styles and colors.  An indoor/outdoor fabric will work best for the outdoors.  If you can find the pillows you want made out of this fabric, cover them yourself!  There are many ways to make a no-sew pillow that are fast and very inexpensive.  Another item that will add some interest to the space is beautifully woven baskets.
  •  Lighting:  Have fun with lighting because you can choose from several eye catching options that will add some warmth to your space.  A few suggestions are lanterns, floor lamps, strings of lights or candles.  A soft glow from a beautiful lamp adds a touch of coziness to your space.
  •  Seating: Choose your seating so that you and your guests or family can interact comfortably with one another.  A mix of different seating is perfect to add an intimate setting as well as an interesting configuration.  This is your main focus of the space, so choose wisely!  You want to make the seating comfortable as well as functional.  You can go with traditional deck furniture or you can add pieces that are not usually thought of for an outdoor space.  If you want something modern, sleek and interesting, the seating from Glodea is exactly what you can use to add comfortable and inviting places to sit.

Seating For Your Outdoor Space

Seating For Your Outdoor Space

Glodea is an innovative company that offers you well-built and good looking seating for your outdoor space.  Back in 2001, Ignacio Santos had a vision for a line of furniture that would offer high quality products to the market that were sorely missing at the time.  In 2007, Santos decided to forge ahead with his idea and begin the planning of this company he dreamt about.  By the beginning of 2009, Glodea had designers that would take Santos idea and bring it to life.  Today Glodea has roots in five continents and has a team of designers that continue to add some very cleverly designed seating for the consumer who is looking for a product unlike any they have seen.  For this review, I was sent two of the Glodea products that I was anxious to create my outdoor space around.  Patrick Cherix, the Vice President and head of International Business, worked with me to choose the best items for my makeover project.  Patrick suggested I use these great pieces for my home.

  •  Bench X60: This unique bench is so unusual in its design as well as its construction.  This one of a kind piece of furniture is made right here in the USA from a gorgeous eco-friendly yellow pine from Alabama.  The bench comes partially put together so that you’re set up takes just a few minutes to complete.  With five finishes (Natural (unfinished), Teak Oil, Varnish, Brown Stain and Black Stain) to choose from, you can be assured that either choice will add a beautiful touch to this innovative product.

Glodea Chairs

  •  Chair X36: This folding wooden lounge chair is one of the most unusual and stylish chairs I have ever seen.  The Chair X36 is sure to bring an interesting and elegant touch to your outdoor space.  This folding chair comes completely assembled and is ready to go as soon as it arrives at your door. The angle with which the seat of the chair is constructed is not only comfortable but a conversation starter for sure.

I could not wait to begin setting up my new outdoor space. We have had some pretty wet weather lately, so I had to wait almost a week before I could start.  I started with the floor covering and then my main pieces from Glodea went in next.  I love the way the bench and chairs look with my choice of floor covering.  With the chairs being foldable, it is super easy to move them although they are a bit solid and therefor heavy.  My next step was to put down my pillows and my greenery.  I absolutely love my finished look and I could not have done it without the great support from Patrick at Glodea. Makobi Scribe readers will get a $50.00 discount on the Bench X60 t, by using the promotion code is MAKOBI50 (all caps). You can win a set of these chairs at the Holiday Turkey Hunt 11/23


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