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Today’s discussion is brought to you by Midnight Velvet.  This is a Fashionista Event. I just moved into a new home. A beautiful home with tons of potential, and the most amazing theme rooms my ever-thinking brain could envision! My favorite room in the house is my sunroom. I absolutely fell in love with the room when I first laid eyes on it, and honestly it was what prompted me to bid on the home. It has wall to wall windows and has a view of the river in my backyard. I knew I was going to be spending a lot of time in this room and wanted to turn it into the perfect relaxation retreat.

creating your own sunroom

  1. Create a plan: Settling on a theme seems like a given when you are planning on decorating or redecorating a room doesn’t it? I’m the type of person when I get an idea in my head it just starts to spider into a conglomerate mish mash as the result of a supercharged brainstorm. When I am truly excited about something, such as decorating the sunroom I always wanted, you can multiply the process and results ten-fold. This is why I need a plan.  I chose the theme “fire” as “sun” reminds me of fire utilizing  the colors orange, red and ivory for my color scheme.
  2. orange ceiling curtains sunroom ideas.jpgDesign Knock-out out Window Dressings: Curtains can really tie a room together even going so far as to transport you to another realm. I wanted long luxurious curtains reminiscent of the inside of a genie bottle. I even went a step further and hung the curtains from the ceiling even the corners around the whole room.
  3. Design around Key Pieces: I fell in love with a bright orange Hand Stitched Cotton Voile Lightweight Comforter from Midnight Velvet. I used it to cover an ivory chaise lounge which I had set to look out the window. Depending on the size you could get this comforter from $139.95 to $179.95 I love the voile “crinkle” look, and the hand-stitched pintucks really add the touch of luxury I was trying to emulate in the room. The blanket is imported and made of 100 percent cotton which is so snuggly soft, you cannot help but want to curl up at the window on a rainy day! The “fire” light above with the accented with pillows tied this corner of my sunroom together nicely. Stay tuned for more posts on how I decorated the rest of the room!

orange curtains sunroom ideas

Sunroom Ideas: In Love With The Look?

The whole setup took me about a day, and I am really pleased with how well it turned out! Want to try to achieve this look at home? Enter the sweepstakes below to win one or sign up for a free catalog for more design inspiration!
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