Modular Shelving For Your Home

My house is not very big and storage space is in high demand.  We have stuffed as much as we can under the beds, in our small closets, under the house and other nooks and cranny’s.  My biggest challenge is my kitchen. I have no counter space, only 3 drawers and very little cabinet space.  I have an older buffet table that I took the doors off and we use the for our non-perishable items.  I have put my small appliances on the top of the cabinets and several cooking and baking pans on top of the fridge.  I have even stuffed my tiny laundry room until it looks like it is going to burst.  I was really racking my brain on what my options were.  Here are a few options I found.  If you have the same struggles, maybe one of these ideas can help.

Creative Storage Solutions

Hang It: When in doubt, hang it up!  If you have very little drawer space, a pegboard is an inexpensive and easy way to store your smaller items.  You can paint the peg board to match your color scheme and they will look great.  If you have no room for your pots and pans, you can hang a pot rack either above your island or on the wall.  I love this option because it makes the access to your cookware much easier.
Modular Shelving

Use Your Cabinets: You can do a lot with your cabinets and you should capitalize on them for storage.  For your lower cabinets, an easy storage solution is to buy a Lazy Susan.  This option is affordable and pretty easy to install and it can make a huge difference in your storage issue.  Utilize the under part of the upper cabinets. You can hang a microwave, can opener or and number of small appliances.

Portable Storage: I don’t have much wall space because the kitchen is configured that 2 of my 3 walls, have windows.  For the one wall I have left, I am already utilizing for hanging storage.  The other option was to find a rolling or lightweight shelving unit that can be moved easily.  My favorite company to go to for my storage needs is Way Basics.  I have built a relationship with Deborah and she always finds the perfect item for me.  In my opinion, when you have someone like Barbara representing your company, you now that company is one you want to work with every time.  You can keep up to date with Way Basics by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

Modular Shelving For Your Home

If you are looking for creative storage, you should look into modular shelving for your home.  There are so many pluses to using modular storage that once you have it in your home, you want to use it in every room!  Way Basics has been seen on Oprah, The Today Show, MSNBC and featured in the Washington Post, to name a few!!  With the modular furniture from Way Basics, you are getting a surprisingly sturdy product that is also good for the planet!  I was given the Geneva Modular Shelf, which normally sells for $90.00, but is currently marked down to $40.  It is ridiculously easy to assemble!  One of the things I love about the modular shelves is that you can assemble it in 5 different ways, including 2 on top and 2 on the bottom like I did, our you can put them 4 across.  Because we only have on cabinet for our pantry items and bake ware and storage containers, I had nowhere to put everything.  With the Geneva, I was able to fit all of my excess items and it tucks perfectly under our cabinet.  It is so light weight; you can move it to any location easily.  If you are in the market for a fantastic storage solution, Way Basics has your back.