Brew Over Ice Cross Country Cafe 3

I am an agent for the Cross Country Café exclusive, undercover secret service! That is a really fancy way of saying I am an ambassador. I just like the way it sounds…hee hee.

Every Wednesday, I post about the awesome sales over at the Cross Country Café. Sometimes these sales are so awesome they beat Amazon by a mile! Brew Over Ice Keurig Kcups are all the rage right now.  They are certainly my favorite. Since I live in Florida it is so awesome to be able to brew a nice COLD cup of coffee to cool me down and wake me up! They are extremely popular everywhere so I know you  want to know where to buy them, where to get the best selection and how to find the best price.  The answer to all of those questions is Cross Country Café of course!
Did you know there was a  HUGE variety of Brew Over Ice flavors you can enjoy? Stay tuned to my upcoming post of 7 ways in 7 days of BREW over ICE where I show you all the delicious ways you can have a cold cup!

In the meantime one of my readers will win a 30-count variety pack of Brew Over Ice Kcups! Are you as excited as me? Tell me what your favorite flavor is…


  1. Twinings Earl Grey Decaf Tea Keurig Kcups
    Just wish they made a constant comment–I love the
    orange and spice flavors.

  2. My favorite is the DONUT SHOP SWEET AND CREAMY ICED COFFEE the reason I love it is that I can change the flavor with liquid creamer. The Donut Shop is very smooth.

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