Keurig K-cup Closeout Sale

There is so much going on at Cross Country Cafe (yet again)! First and foremost our Keurig K-cup Closeout sale is still going strong. We have enough inventory to last a few more weeks. Do not miss the opportunity to grab some delicious flavors priced well below retail!

Keurig K-cup closeout sale! Special buy on delicious K-cups that wont be around for long, we are clearing them out at nearly a 20% discount- this is a best of internet price!

Of course our regular Wacky Wednesday sale will be live tomorrow, we have a K-cup that will appeal to a whole new audience this week…Wacky Wednesday Weekly Coffee Sale! Every Wednesday we will post a totally wacky sale price on a variety of coffees including Keurig Kcups. Your readers will love these prices and dont forget shipping is free when you spend $59. or more!

Green Mountain Half Caff Keurig K-cup coffee is on sale for $11.99 per box of 24!

Green Mountain Half Caff Keurig K-cup coffee

All the flavor, half the caffeine. Perfect when you want a little late-afternoon or evening pick-me-up without a sleepless night.

and always a top selling sale item…

Diedrich French Roast Keurig K-cup coffee is on sale this week for $9.99 per box of 24!

Diedrich French Roast Keurig Kcup Coffee

If you like your coffee dark and toasty but not bitter or burnt, then Diedrich Coffee’s French Roast K-Cups are just right for you. Made from a blend of Arabica beans that lend themselves to a strong dark roast, this French Roast has a touch of molasses that is deeply satisfying.

Sale runs Wednesday July 23rd through Tuesday July 29th at midnight EDT.

But wait there is more…don’t forget about two ways that you can earn easy clicks that come with a 45 day cookie!

First, our ever popular Summer Recipe ebook (coupon included!):

Free Keurig K-cup recipe ebook exclusive money saving coupon included!

Free Summer Recipe Ebook With Coupon

Last but certainly not least, our monthly Keurig K-cup giveaway, your readers are sure to thank you for the tip- especially if they win ; )

Win four free full size boxes of Brew Over Ice Keurig K-cup coffee!

Brew Over Ice Keurig K-cup coffee giveaway

Phew, I need a coffee break after all that!