customizing windows 8

Windows 8.1 offers the users a personal experience. One that you can carry with you from device to device whether it be a personal computer (desk or laptop), tablet, and even your smart phone. You can create the tiles you want to see when you log on, ones pertaining to your life, your interests and with your work flow in mind. You can change the size of the tiles, the names, and you can group them together to easily find what you are looking for. I created the first column to include the items I use daily, the second column for my kids, the third for my photo editing and the one slightly off picture is tools and tiles I don’t use often but can never seem to remember what they are called or where they might be! If you click this link or on the picture above, it will enlarge the image so you can see a larger picture. It is so personal, I had to even block an item listed!

clearing data from windows 8

Worried about having all that personal information popping up? There is no need, you can clear all personal data with a click of a button! Want to try Windows 8 for yourself?Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 8.54.12 AM

The Surface 2 is one of Microsoft’s newer additions to the family. I am proud to partner with Microsoft, and thank them profusely for offering one of my readers a Surface 2 of their own as part of the Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Event! Wouldn’t your mom love one? Better yet, if you are a mom, now is the time to treat yourself! It is a thin tablet which is unbelievably light, already preinstalled with Office you save money right of the bat! Touch optimized versions of OneNote, Outlook, Word, Excel & PowerPoint allow the user to interact with a flick of the wrist. The Surface 2 boasts a 1080p full HD widescreen display which will play back 10 hours of video on one battery charge! Incredible! You can get your hands on a Surface 2 for $450 (32 GB) or you can try you luck by entering the Giveaway Tools form below. Check out all of the giveaways from the other bloggers under the GT form as well. Congrats to Tesha Miller!


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