Cute Accessories For Childrens Rooms

Cute Accessories For Childrens Rooms

I have wanted to find cute accessories for childrens rooms for a while now.  A lot of  the décor in the kids rooms was meant for more mature tastes. What they had worked fine, it just looked out of place in a child’s room.  I began to notice a trend when I was looking on the Internet for accessories.  It seemed a lot of stores were geared more towards an infant’s nursery rather than an older child’s room.  The other style I kept seeing was really childish and borderline tacky.  After a while it all started to look the same and I was getting really discouraged. I was about to settle for a family of resin teddy bears and a yardstick that was thinly disguised as a growth chart.  That is until I found an oasis shining in my desert of searching. Baby Bears Den is quite possibly one of the best baby and children boutiques on the Internet.

While pregnant with her twins, Beth Barr, the owner of Baby Bears Den, was searching for the perfect décor for the nursery.  Beth had so much fun, that when her family moved, she doubled her design load as each of the girls got their own room.  Beth loves to design and decorate and her wonderful taste is evident in the products found at Baby Bears Den. Beth’s goal is to provide tasteful pieces that will create a peaceful, warm and comfortable place for your child.  Beth has been able to work with companies that produce age appropriate yet stylish décor. You can find growth charts, wall decals, lighting, clocks and room accessories for children of all ages.  Beth’s love for art and design has turned her store into a breath of fresh air among a plethora of stale and boring designs.

Fun Lamps For Kids Rooms

I have wanted to find fun lamps for kid’s rooms for a while now.  Each of my kids had a small, no frills lamp I got from the Acme store.  They worked perfectly fine, they were just boring. After spending a few days searching the Internet, I began to notice there were a ton of lamps and yet so few choices!  You can find a glowing light, a glitter light with a boa wrapped around the shade or my favorite, the lamp with the resin characters that had a pole coming out of their back.  There were dancers, fairies, moons, animals, cars, trains, teddy bears and blah, blah, blah, blech!  Beth saved the day when she offered an item from her store for review.  Although I wanted to steal away every darn thing she had, I settled on a lamp that was modern, stylish and just perfect for a child’s room. I fell in love with the ceramic bubble lamp (retail price $138) in lime green and a really cool lampshade to match.  This lamp is perfect for a child’s bedroom, playroom or even mom’s room (hee hee hee).  What I love most about Beth is her attention to detail when she chooses her products.  The lamp I chose was adorable on its own merits, but for an added touch of whimsy, the pull chain for the on/off has an adorable glass charm on the end.  Beth just has a gift and I am honored to have such a terrific item in my room (did you think I was going to let this amazing lamp go in one of the kids rooms? No Way I say!!

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