Cute Backpacks For Back To School

Cute Backpacks For Back To School

Summer is more than half over, so it’s time to get some cute backpacks for back to school.  My kids could have backpacks from the prior year I pristine condition, but they won’t use them two years in a row!  My daughter is especially adamant about this rule, and considering how kids in middle school can tease, I understand her position.  The trick is to find a backpack that is not only cute but durable as well.  It seems the nicer backpacks that are made from heavy fabric are too big for younger kids and the plastic backpacks are not well made.  So that leaves us parents with a difficult decision to make; buy big or buy junk.  I don’t like either of those options.

Thank goodness D and N Kids are there to rescue parents from their decision dilemma.  If you want to find some incredibly cute accessories for kids, you need look no further than D and N Kids.  We were fortunate enough to review a rolling luggage piece in the spring and we just love it so much.  We have gotten so much use from that one item and it has held up to some vigorous handling.  What I love about the D and N Kids products are the brightly colored characters that are so darn cute!  These whimsical products are sure to put a smile on your child’s face.  Please take a moment to follow D and N Kids on Facebook.

Insulated Lunch Bags

My kids do not like to eat the cafeteria lunches, so we need insulated lunch bags.  I bought Caitlin a new lunch bag last year and within 2 months, the zipper had broken off.  I bought another lunch box from a different store and that lunch box began to unravel at the seams within a few months as well.  I was not very happy with that waste of almost $50.  Thank goodness D and N Kids makes such great products.  We chose to review the Croc backpack ($34.00) and the matching Croc insulated lunch box ($22.00).  Henry just loves the playful and colorful Croc and the bright blue background of both the backpack and lunch box.  He has been practicing by making a lunch, putting it in the Croc lunch box and pretending to sit in the cafeteria to eat his creations!  I am just glad to know that I won’t be buying another backpack or lunch box until next year.

One reader will win their choice of one backpack ($34.00) from the 4 designs available and one lunch box ($22.00) in their choice of five designs from D and N Kids.

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