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When it comes to giving gifts, I always try to find something meaningful. I am totally fine with store bought items, as long as I can find something that is from the heart. I am not one to give clothing or accessories unless they are handmade or highly unusual. I am the same on jewelry and other gifts of that nature. My favorite gifts to give are those that are made by hand. I especially love it if I can have the kids make something and give that as a gift.  We have some birthdays in the family that are coming really soon and I decided that I wanted the kids to make something different. That is when I found out about MakIt and their personalized and unique gifts and other goods. This company has one of the largest selection of heartfelt gifts and other items than I have seen.

Cute Gifts Your Kids Can Make

Cute Gifts Your Kids Can Make

I love all of the choices that you are given when you are shopping at MakIt. You can either have your kids draw a picture that can be put on a variety of items or use a photo. Although the photo option is always popular, I like the uniqueness of the art option. Just think of all the cute gifts your kids can make for all the special events and holidays coming up. I was given the Art Plate Kit for the kids to make a plate for their Dad and one for their sister. I must say that this is one of the most fun projects the kids have participated in. Everything you need comes iin the kit including 7 markers, 25 paper templates and the return paid envelope. Because they knew it was going to be a gift, they thought very hard on what they would draw. I could not believe how cute the plates came out! Caitlin chose to do an initial for her drawing and Henry did a picture from his favorite video game, Minecraft.

MakIt, a Texas based company, has been around since 1969 turning your kid’s artwork into a lasting treasure. Bob Hodges had a conversation with a neighbor one day back in 1969 about children’s artwork. The neighbor said it would be nice to have a way to make the artwork last rather than it being tacked up on the fridge. Because he had a background in plastics and dinnerware manufacturing, Bob knew he could do something with that idea. In addition to the artwork plates, the company offers photo products. You can put photos on tumblers, mugs, plates, trays and more. The products are all non toxic, BPA free and are dishwasher safe. The images are embedded into the plastic so they will not chip, flake ow wear off. If you are looking for a really cute gift to give, this is a wonderful idea. You can purchase the Art Plate Kit for $17.99 from the MakIt website. The more plates you want to make, the lower the cost per plate. You can also order kits for the classroom and MakIt has fundraising opportunities as well.

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  1. After checking the site I really like the Dog Bowl, we never made a craft just for our pup

  2. the art plate kit for sure! I have two of these that I did in elementary school, love it! Will possibly do it this year with my students and my daughter =)

  3. The photo plates are a cute idea. My nieces would have fun making these.Good idea for Christmas.Thank you 🙂

  4. The art plate is my favorite, my son would have a blast with it!

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  5. The make your plate is awesome. I have 2 plates that I made when I was my daughters age that my mom kept for years. I’d love to let my daughter have the same!

  6. i would pick out the Reindeer Photo Platter . what a great way to serve something on a christmas

  7. My favorite is the make your own plate kit. We did these when I was a kid in the girl scouts! To this day, many many moons later, they still hang on mom’s wall!

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