Cute Removable Wall Stickers For Kids Rooms

Cute Removable Wall Stickers For Kids Rooms

One of my favorite ways to decorate is with cute removable wall stickers for kids rooms.  One of the reasons I love using wall decals is because you can choose a theme for a room like dinosaurs, trains, fairies and a ton more.  Not only are most decals reasonable priced but they are so easy to use.  The tricky part is to find that needle in the proverbial haystack which is quality made stickers.  I have used stickers from several companies and trust me when I tell you, they are not created equally.  One company in particular bragged that you could remove and reuse their decals over and over times.  Well, not exactly.  The first time I tried to peel one of their decals off the walls and move it to another spot, half of it came off and half stayed on the wall.  When this happens on a decal, you can never line the two pieces up because when you tear vinyl, it tears in a ragged pattern, not a clean tear.  When this happens, the only thing you can do is throw the two pieces away.

Bright Star Kids is an incredible company from Australia that not only sells high quality wall stickers, but a huge variety of labels as well.  What sets Bright Star Kids apart from the competition is their dedication to offering the highest of quality products as well as a top notch customer service team.  Bright Star Kids will ship and have your order to you faster than many domestic companies can.  That shows how customer service oriented this company is.  What you will love about Bight Star Kids are the clever, brightly colored and fun labels and bag tags for items you may not have thought of.  If you have more than one child and have a hard time separating their socks, Bright Star Kids have a collection of iron on sock labels to keep them separate!  I think that is just so clever.  You have a plethora of stickers for every age in many, many adorable shapes, themes and colors.  If you are looking for a way to brighten you kid’s room, Bright Star Kids are a great place to find that.

Brighten A Kids Room

I am always on the lookout for ways to brighten a kid’s room. When you have more than one child at home, they are almost guaranteed to have different tastes in how they want to decorate their rooms.  Henry is way into dinosaurs and Caitlin is more into cute creatures and cool geometric designs.  When Tammy from Bright Star Kids contacted me to review one of their latest sets of wall decals, I was pumped!  I had the pleasure of reviewing a set of stickers for each of the kids in the spring and they loved them.  Tammy sent us the large sheet of owl stickers ($49.95) that includes a family of owls sitting on a tree branch, surrounded by softly colored leaves.  I love the soft and sweet hues of pinks, blues, greens and other colors.  These stickers are perfect for a nursery, bedroom or playroom.  We put the owls on Caitlin’s Headboard to breakup all the black.  I think the mix of the soft colors against the black background are a perfect compliment for one another.  With their special material that is indestructible, you can peel and stick these wall stickers over and over again.  I was lucky to have had these stickers as we had originally put them in the playroom and then realized they would look better in the bathroom.  They peeled off easily and when they were applied in the other room, they stuck just as if you were putting them up for the first time.  I am in love with the products from Bright Star Kids and I know you will too.  I think for my next review, I may ask for some of those cool sock labels!!

One reader will receive THREE sticker sets from Bright Star Kids (ARV $19.95 – $59.95 each set)

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