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Cute Shoes For Summer

I am a shoeaholic and am a believer in the school of thought that you can never have too many pairs! When I was working in an office, I had so many shoes that it would be weeks before I would wear the same pair twice. If I saw someone wearing the same shoe as one I had in my closet, that pair went to the Goodwill! When I decided to stay home and raise my kids, my shoe obsession was tucked away for about 10 years.  I traded in my stilettos for Birkenstock shoes and comfortable sneakers and my poor feet were so embarrassed! Now that I am writing for this blog, I have been given the opportunity to travel and interact with real live grown ups! With this interaction, comes the unleashing of the shoe obsession and boy did it get unleashed!! Now I have been determined to find cute shoes for summer and lots of them! One of my favorite brands is Tsubo and I knew if I was going to find the shoes I wanted, it would probably be from there!

Cute Shoes For Summer

The one thing that threw a wrench into my summer shoe shopping was my recent injury to my right foot. After tearing two ligaments around Thanksgiving last year, I have had a very long and slow healing process. I found I could not wear heels of any kind which really bummed me out! So, the next best thing would be to find a super cute pair of flats that would be as equally comfortable as they were good to look at! So, the quest for cute shoes for summer was on and when I saw the adorable “Rae” from Tsubo, I knew I had found a winner.

This adorable Mary Jane styled flat from Tsubo was exactly what I needed for my trip. With its soft leather and the adorable cut outs, these were perfect for a dress at a cocktail party or with jeans for a cruise on the Navy Pier. Because I was going to do a lot of walking on my trip, the memory foam foot bed kept my feet blister free and feeling fantastic. With the huge selection of great looking shoes that are affordable and feel fantastic, I love Tsubo. I have been in love with this brand for a little over a year now and I only see our relationship deepening! You can purchase the Rae on the Tsubo website for $130.00 along with their many other fantastic footwear options.

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