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Cute Umbrellas for Kids from Kidorable Sweepstakes

Cute Umbrellas for Kids

Is it just me or are cute umbrellas for kids difficult to find?  When I was looking for umbrellas for KittyKat and TheHenMan, I found a small selection that was priced through the roof.  If I am going to pay $25 for a cartoon character umbrella, it better come with some pretty awesome features!  What is even more frustrating about buying kids umbrellas is that a good wind will bend that thing like a pretzel.  What we need to find is a company that’s child focused without compromising quality.  Wait!! There is a company like that on the Internet!!

Kidorable is the brainchild of Liping and Jonathan Domsky, who launched Kidorable in 1997.  The pair discovered the market for children’s accessories was virtually filled with poorly made,expensive products.  So, in 1997 they started producing lion, cat and bear umbrellas and hangers and within 3 years they had reached $2 million in sales.  Fast forward almost 15 years and with the huge variety of themed products for sale; the company will see $15 million in sales by 2015.  The next time you see Suri Cruise, you may see her in the Kidorable Fairy rain boots!  The Domsky’s philosophy on their escalating sales is the key to their success.  As far as the Kidorable family is concerned, growing larger is a natural and happy consequence of growing better, individual by individual.  That is a mission statement a company is proud happy to stand behind.

Decorating Kids Rooms

When I found out about Kidorable, I was excited to see a kid focused company that made decorating kids rooms fun.  In my family if truth be told, my kids want rain gear to have an excuse to go outside and play in the rain!  I bet us grown-ups would be happier people if we put on some rain boots and splashed around in the rain for a while!  I was given the opportunity to review to items from Kidorable that I felt showed the spectrum of products they make.  TheHenMan chose the dinosaur umbrella (valued at $13.50) which goes with the theme of his latest obsession.  KittyKat on the other hand chose something completely different and fairly new to the Kidorable line; the ballerina bookends (valued at $30.00).  What I love about the Kidorable line is that they make things for kids that are fun, bright and cheerful and they are affordable at the same time.

One lucky winner will win one Kidorable umbrella of their choice.

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