My feet always get so cold every winter, especially when I walk on the ceramic tile floor or the kitchen floor.  Most of our house is carpeted, but even then they still need something on to keep warm during the cold winter months.  House slippers are my method of choice to keep my feet nice and warm around the house.

Christmas List Ideas

Do you still need some Christmas list ideas for the people who are on your list?  Slippers make a great gift!  There are so many different styles and colors to choose from, such as open toe, closed toe, thong, peep toe, and more. I really like slipper clogs now too.  I find that my feet can use a little more support for even just around the house and the clog is extremely comfortable to feel more like a slipper but yet provides more support.

Do you wear slippers when you are at home?  If so, what style do you prefer?  During the summer I admittedly do not often wear slippers, mostly because I’m so warm as it is, but when I do I like the thong style.  During the winter my feet are nice and warm in a sweater knit clogs, or even a closed-toe backless style.

If you are getting someone a pair of slippers for Christmas, a new pair of pajama’s would be a great addition to that present.  There is nothing better on a cold winter day than being able to spend the day in a nice new pair of warm comfortable pajamas and cozy slippers.

Dearfoams first invented the original foam cushioned slipper back in 1947.  Honestly, that does not seem that long ago!  I wonder what people wore prior to 1947 around the house, their shoes, socks or just bare feet?  I am grateful for all the fun, stylish and comfortable slipper options we have available for us today.