Minto Basket

In honor of Earth Day which will be on the 22nd of this month, I wanted to talk about green decorating. I have really gotten interested in learning about how I can live a greener life. Within that life, I know I cannot do anything huge, but I know with the small steps, we can make big changes. We signed up for the new county recycling program and the kids are really into it. Last night I threw a plastic milk jug into the regular trash can and I got a lecture from my kids about my irresponsible behavior! We also either make our own cleaning products or we use those products that are made from eco-friendly products. I am having a lot of fun trying out different essential oils to add nice scents to my cleaning products. My kids have gotten really into my finding unusual products that are made from recycled or upcycled items. One green company that I have just added to my list of favorites is Green Apple Supply. They have got some really cool items for your home including art supplies, gifts, cleaning supplies and home decor items.
Decorate With Recycled Green Home Decor Items

Green Home Decor Items

My kitchen is pretty small, so I do not have a lot of storage space. I only have 3 medium sized cabinets and 3 drawers to fit all my stuff. With a family of four who love to cook, I needed more space to store all of my cooking utensils, food and other what nots. I found some of the coolest storage ideas from Green Apple Supply and when I found out what they were made of, I knew I had to have them!  The first of the green home decor items I was sent was the Recycled Rectangular Wrapper Minto Basket which is made from recycled food wrappers! Well, since it is made from food wrappers, I found it only proper to store food in it! The second item I received was the Bottle Cap Tote which I have stored my Medifast Shake packets in. The kids had a blast looking at all of the different caps, many of which are pretty aged. I love how these new additions to my kitchen helped me with my storage problem and they are cool as well!

The Green Apple Supply company was started by a mom named Stephanie Tobor whose daughter had Juvenile Ideomatic Arthritis. Stephanie came to fin that environmental pollutants were known to contribute to the illness and she began searching for alternatives to all of the chemically based products she had in her home. When she found how expensive they were and how much they were needed, she decided to start a company that could offer green products that were affordable. That is how Green Apple Supply was born and Stephanie has done a remarkable job building this successful business. You can purchase the Bottle Cap Tote at the Green Apple Supply online store for $22.50 and the Rectangular Wrapper Minto Basket for $13.50.


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