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Decorating For Halloween Is Easy With Dollar General

We love Halloween at our house and the kids and I start planning for it in the middle of the summer. The kids start making a list of the costumes they want and will debate on them for weeks. After they have gone back and forth on several ideas, they will narrow down their choices to 2-3 and then I will surprise them with the final decision. We will start collecting recipes as soon as they start to appear on the magazines and in our email inbox. We all have a huge sweet tooth, so we will be making lots of cookies, cakes, caramel apples and popcorn balls. One of our favorite things to do is to decorate the house. We have only one motto when it comes to decorating for Halloween; “The More, The Better”. We have 2-3 Halloween parties throughout the month, so we go all out.  Caitlin’s birthday is the week before Halloween, so we often do a Halloween themed birthday party for her. When we are ready to buy our Halloween decorations, we trust Dollar General. I appreciate the selection of Halloween supplies at Dollar General, the high quality and the low, low prices.

Halloween Decorating Ideas

Halloween Decorating Ideas

When it comes to getting your Boo! on, Dollar General is the place to go for your Halloween planning, decorating and party needs. In the stores as well as online, you can buy what you need to get your spooky house ready for trick or treating. You can find candy, decor, novelties, costumes and party supplies! If you are looking for supplies to make your favorite Halloween craft for the kids, Dollar General has ton. You can find construction paper, scissors, crayons, markers, glitter and more. If you are ready to get eerily creative, you will have no problems getting inspired at Dollar General. For those of you who are interested in making some frightening food, you can find cake mixes, frosting, candies, popcorn, marshmallows and more. For creative recipes, you can find tons of spooktacular recipes available on their DG Easy Meals page.

For myself, I went to Dollar General looking for supplies to get the house decorations going. We kind of do our decorating in layers, so we will buy a few bags full of items and set them up and chew on them for a while. A few days later, we will walk around and see what we need and where and head back to Dollar General for more! Caitlin and I grabbed a door covering, window clings for the front room, cool Halloween drinking cups, and a great big bowl for the popcorn we bought. We also grabbed some marshmallows, cookie cutters and bags for their Halloween night candy haul. I think all in all, we made a pretty good start on our decorations this year. We are having our first party in 2 weeks, so we needed to get an early start. Our next trip will be to stock up on the food and novelty items we need for the party fare we decided on from the Easy Meals page. So far all your Halloween needs, including costumes, crafts, decorations, food and party gear, head over to Dollar General for great stuff at great prices! Be sure to stay up to date with Dollar General by liking Dollar General on Facebook and following Dollar General on Twitter.

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