Decorative Wooden Blocks

Decorative Wooden Blocks From Little Bluebird Creations Review

I am always on the hunt for kitschy and cool items for the family room like decorative wooden blocks. I grew up in a house that was run by my mom whose motto was “the living room should be seen and not used”. This translated into my siblings and I feeling as if we were guests (hence the name in their own home! I want my kids to make our family room the way I had wanted as a child; inviting, warm and lived in. I think it is so quaint to have a set of wooden blocks which spells out your family name. What a great inviting touch these chunky little guys add to any room.

If you would like your family name, baby’s name or even your furry child’s name or favorite saying or quote, you are in luck! I met a woman who has a knack for taking a naked block of wood and making it into something cute and sweet. Monica Poignon is a relatively new artist as she just began her craft back in December. Monica told me she was tired of giving store bought gifts and wanted to give gifts that were personal and heartfelt. With help from her husband, who is also an artist, Monica learned to use power tools and create her adorable wooden blocks.

Wooden Block Letters

What a wonderful treat when Monica decided to allow me to review one of her sets of wooden block letters. Monica can sell ready made as well as custom blocks depending on your needs. I gave her my basic colors scheme of my family room and told her to create our moniker as she wanted. As you can see from the picture at the beginning of this post, Monica transforms such a simple item into a family keepsake. The really cool part was that some of the patterns she used for our blocks matched some scrapbook paper I had thought of framing…weird huh?! If you would like to purchase anything from Monica’s Etsy shop, please mention Makobi Scribe to receive a 10% discount on your purchase.