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When you are a parent, of course you want to do all you can for your child. You want to give them the best care, home, education and any other benefits you can afford them. If you have a child with special needs, that list grows just a bit when it comes to caring for them. With Henry and his diagnosis of autism, we got very lucky because he is high functioning and required minimal special care. When we found out about his autism, I got on the Internet and did a whole lot of research, joined support groups and talked to anyone and everyone I met. One reoccurring term I continued to hear in my conversations was “gluten free”. I had no idea what this was, what it meant or what it could do for my son, but I wanted to learn. In short, there have been a lot of folks who believe a gluten free (a diet free of foods with wheat, barley, rye, malts and triticale) improves or lessens the symptoms connected with autism. Because we are big munchers and I wanted to see what the gluten free thing was all about, I was interested in finding a snack food that would fit the bill. When I was sent a variety of delicious gluten free snacks from Gratify Foods, I was eager to try them.

Delicious Gluten Free Snacks

The delicious gluten free snacks from Gratify Foods are so yummy that you will not believe your taste buds! Each batch of pretzels are dusted with pure sea salt and baked to crispy perfection. You can choose from several shapes of pretzels that will work great for snacking, lunches, a trip to the park or whatever your needs. Each baked pretzel is rich in flavor and the sea salt just takes the yummy goodness to a whole other level of taste. The pretzels are just the right shape, size and texture for dipping or putting on your favorite cheese or spread.

Gluten Free Pretzel Varieties

We were sent one of each of the pretzel varieties from the line which includes the Sea Salt Sticks, Sea Salt Thins, Sea Salt Twists and Sesame Seed Thins. These are so light, crunchy and absolutely delicious. Henry was the one we were not sure would “pass the taste test” on and he had no idea they were gluten free. He took the bag of the Sea Salt Thins in his room, got on the Xbox and I saw him about 2 hours later with an empty bag! I am a big sesame seed fan, so the Sesame Seed Thins were right up my alley. Caitlin is not much of a pretzel person on their own, so she took over the bag of the Milk Chocolate Covered Twists and declared them a clear winner! I was surprised to see my husband really liked the Yogurt Covered Twists as much as he did considering he is not a yogurt lover! Shows you what I know, right?! If you are looking for a delicious and healthy gluten free snack line, you cannot go wrong with these from Gratify Foods, which can be purchased on Amazon in a variety of sizes and prices.

One USA reader will win one of each of the pretzel varieties from Gratify Foods (ARV of package is $25.00)


  1. I would have to say my favorite product would be the Milk Chocolate Covered Twists or the Yogurt covered twists!

  2. My favorite is the chocolate covered pretzels. The kids and my husband like the sticks because they can dip them in things.

  3. My fav is Milk Chocolate Covered Twists

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  4. Yogurt Covered Twists

    Gratify gluten free Yogurt Covered Pretzel Twists combine the traditional shape and crunch of a pretzel twist with a cool and creamy yogurt topping. These addictive snacks will satisfy any sweet tooth and keep you coming back for more!

  5. I am celiac but have never tried Gratify. I would try the sea salt twist first & then the milk chocolate covered twist.

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