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This is my son’s, Jakobi, first year in school! He is so proud to finally be a Kindergartner. His teacher is all I could hope for. She is patient, fun, peppy, and you can tell she has a passion for her job. Plus she lets me invade her classroom with a Leap Frog party! This post is all about the day I went in to the school armed with materials sent to us by Leap Frog. We experienced the Leap Reader Reading And Writing System first hand along with 18 Kindergarten kids learning to read.

Leap Frog (3)

Leap Frog provided us with Two (2) LeapReaders™Pre-loaded with LeapReader™ books and learning apps, a variety of LeapReader™ books including:Learn to Write Letters With Mr. Pencil Writing Workbook, Talking Words Factory Writing Workbook, Get Ready for Kindergarten book, Talking Words Factory Flash Cards, Two LeapReader™ Sampler books, a LeapFrog Disney-Pixar Monsters University 3D book, and 16 pairs of LeapFrog Monsters University 3D glasses! We passed out the 3D glasses to get the kids excited while we separated into groups. You can tell by the smiles on their faces, they were having a great time!

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Ms. Hamilton spends many hours a day getting our children ready for the Advanced Reading Comprehension Tests our state has every year. It is a really big deal at our school because our principal is a HUGE supporter of reading (which I am extremely thankful for). I am also a supporter, and I come in on Wednesdays to help the kids take their tests in the morning. The tests are all about comprehending what the child just read. The LeapReader is perfect for this age because it engages the students with stories they love with funny voices to keep them entertained. The stories build vocabulary skills and assist in their growing reading comprehension skills.

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These are the Talking words factory flash cards. The kids can mix and match letters on these interactive flash cards to build more than 100 words with short vowel sounds. They were really interested in the set! I love it when kids WANT to read, don’t you?

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Everyone was super engaged, and they kids took turn passing around the LeapReader Pens. As you touch the pens to the different stories, the pen would read aloud so the student could follow along. This made the sharing really easy because more than one could participate.

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The Monsters University 3D book was the class favorite. They were so funny as they discovered the 3D elements. You can purchase this for $13.99. The class had fun in Mike and Sulley’s monster world while they had fun on campus. They were getting ready to train to compete in the famous Scare Games.

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This book will help to build reading comprehension and vocabulary skills while the kids have fun personalizing monster names and reading in 3D. As an extra bonus this LeapReader title is compatible with Tag.

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My favorite part of the LeapReader system was the writing capabilities. Above the pen is used as a stylus calling out the sight words as Ava touches each one.

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Jeremiah was fascinated with the pen talking to him and stopped many times to hear the pen talk. Kids are so cute.

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The LeapReader also writes on special paper so the kids can see, hear, and write as they practice their letters. These sheets came from the Mr. Pencil Learn to Write Letters book ($19.99) It teaches upper and lowercase letters and teaches the proper stroke order. What a useful feature for most kids while learning. I know Jakobi always tries to write letters the wrong way! Learn to Write Letters has ten different voices using an integrated reading and writing experience. The story gives word-by-word support and the letters stroke-by-stroke. If you are looking for the perfect gift for your learning-to-read child, the LeapReader would be my very first choice!