Dieting During The Holidays

Dieting During The Holidays

It seems I am always dieting during the holidays and  I find myself unable to stick to my food plan.  Between the family dinners, the office parties and the sweet treats that we make as well as receive, it’s no wonder I can’t stop myself from indulging.  I knew if I was going to have any chance at all of sticking to my diet this season, I was going to need some help.  I am not one to take pills for fear they will make me have a heart attack. I am also not one who has had much success with trying to divert my attention from the cookies I want to eat.  I knew there had to be another product that could help me; I just needed to do some digging.
There is an exciting company that has an innovative product that may turn the weight loss industry on their ear. HealthEAR LLC has a philosophy that encourages living a healthy life with their unique product.  The Auricular Therapy Device is a completely safe and effective way to suppress your appetite through acupressure.  The design is unlike anything you have ever seen.  The HealthEAR is a device you put inside your ear that has been custom fit just for you.  The device has acupressure nodules instead of needles that when placed in your ear, line up with the pressure points that effect certain behaviors.  The Chinese have practiced the art of acupuncture for generations in treating a huge variety of imbalances in the body.  They believe that we all have a “qi” (life force) that moves about in our body.  An acupuncturist would find those spots where the “qi” are located and insert a minute needle into the spot.

Acupressure For Losing Weight

The HealthEAR designers have developed a product that uses acupressure for losing weight, lowering stress and anxiety, nicotine cravings and insomnia.  I was most interested in the weight loss device to help me with my cravings.  Acupressure is like acupuncture except pressure is used in place of the needle.  It is said that in auricular therapy, the shape of the body is projected into our ears.  In line with that thought, the HealthEAR has small metal nodules that put pressure on the points within the outer ear that are said to be directly related to our weight and appetite.  Each HealthEAR is made specifically to your ear and the nodules are place in line with 5 points within the outer ear; the stomach point for appetite control, endocrine for metabolism, the mouth for oral fixation and appetite control, the large intestine to keep your bowels regular, the heart point for any shortness of breath or excessive sweating and the esophagus for hunger.  All you do is take the two pieces of silicone you will be sent from HealthEAR and follow the directions to make a mold of the outer portion of your ear.  You will then fill out the form that will be enclosed with your silicone and send the mold back to HealthEAR.  Now HealthEAR will make a device that is custom made for you based on the mold and your answers to the questionnaire.  Put the device in your ear 30 minutes before each meal and when you feel cravings coming on.  It is as simple as that and with an affordable cost of $69.99, it is affordable as well.


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