Both fashion jewellery and costume jewelry serve the same purpose: provide a beautiful alternative to highly expensive jewelry. Both are quite similar to, with a very thin line of difference between the two. Let’s first understand how they came into existence.

Costume jewelry

The term costume jewellery first popped in around the year 1930s when Hollywood stars preferred to step out in imitations, rather than actual precious jewelry. This move was a result of various security concerns and also helped the producers and directors from spending a huge bulk of cash on the accessories, the stars wore with their dresses.  This trend caught on and people started preferring such type of jewelry for daily wear as compared to the expensive pieces of jewelry. Thus, the word costume jewelry stuck.

Fashion jewelry

Fashion jewelry is all about being up to date with the latest trends. Such type of jewelry follows the latest styles and helps anyone look trendy without having to spend a bomb on buying real jewelry.  Fashion jewelry is an easy way to save money and yet look classy without investing in something so expensive that is bound to go out of style in a few years. A big chunky statement ring or those long trendy earrings; this stuff are included under fashion jewellery.

The purpose of each type of jewelry

Costume jewelry allows women to flaunt accessories complimenting their outfits without the worry of wear and tear. Costume jewelry is meant for daily wear. Furthermore, it is inexpensive; therefore, women can buy as much as they want. This type of jewelry consists of designer glass work, cheap rhinestones, and intricate designs. Often referred to as junk jewellery, these are hugely in vogue now. Inexpensive metal is used to fashion this jewelry. For example, put on a pair of dainty diamond earrings that look good with your dress or metal bracelets that give you a grunge look.

While costume jewelry is more about complimenting the outfit, fashion jewelry aims for making a bold statement. Fine jewelry sometimes uses metals like real gold or silver, and imitation jewelry may use metals that are plated with gold. If a striking statement needs to be made or something is needed to dress up one outfit in particular for some event, fashion jewelry would be required. Check out the selection of statement pieces from ARY D’PO.

At the end of the day, it is all about feeling beautiful. Whether you wear one or mix up both, in the end, you should feel confident in what you are wearing. Both styles of jewelry revolve around the same concept which is to provide some kind of replication of expensive jewelry. The metals and stones used in making these are not precious but tend to be plated metals and glass or lower cost semi-precious stones. But what matters is the end product. It is not that you have to flaunt only expensive jewelry. Flaunt whatever makes you feel good. Looking beautiful should not cause a dent in your wallet. Rather, the purpose is to look effortless and happy.  So, choose whatever suits your style and steal the show with your look.