Digital Art For Beginners

Digital Art for Beginners

My children are great artists and have mastered software programs that produce art, but I need digital art for beginners.  I have used Photoshop before but that is for manipulating and editing images so it really can’t be called art software.  I am a sewer so I do have a small sliver of creativity and that is pretty limited.  I have a knack for putting together patterns and colors that complement each other.  I thought you had to already be an artist in order to be able to use software designed to create a painting, drawing or stencil, but that is not necessarily true.  There is a great program available that allows you to tap into an artistic side you never knew you had.

I was recently introduced to an amazing program that allows you to paint like Van Gogh no matter what your artistic level is.  Beginners and pros alike can find new and interesting ways to create art with an easy to use program called Art Rage Studio 3.5.  This package allows you to import a photo and use the tracing feature to turn your photo into a masterpiece.  The easy to follow steps enable you to create thousands of pieces of original art.  As a matter of fact, the Art Rage Studio is the only art software that is closest to creating an original image that looks just like a painting.  Using our picture into a painting!  The Art Rage 3.5 an image and create a beautiful and realistic painting with a few simple steps.  You can even make stickers and stencils for your home or school art project which will amaze your friends and families.   Art Rage Studio is available for use on your Mac, PC or Tablet, so you can take your art anywhere!

Create Realistic Paintings On The Computer

If you had told me a few weeks ago that I would be able to create realistic paintings on the computer, I would have laughed at you!  What is so cool about the Art Rage Studio is that you control the brush strokes, choose between oils or watercolors and you even can create an airbrush effect.  If you are using the oil or water color painting feature, you can actually create a pallet and blend your paints like a pro.  Trust me when I tell you this program unlocks an entirely new world for a novice like me or a seasoned veteran.  Another feature I love is the record feature which remembers your strokes as you make them and then you can play them back at another time.  What is great about that feature is if you decide you don’t like a particular color you used, you can go back and change it.  Try doing that with a conventional brush and paints on a real canvas.  The Art Rage Studio is great for so many uses like scrapbooking, creating a teachers board or making mom a painting for Mother’s Day.  The Art Rage Studio is available at an affordable $29.90, which includes online tech support, forums for questions and easy to follow tutorials.