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Digital Record Keeping From Neat Receipts Sweepstakes

Digital Record Keeping From Neat Receipts Sweepstakes

Digital Record Keeping

When you are living in an electronic world, you may want to look into digital record keeping.  I feel like I am a paradox unto myself!  I am a bit of a neat freak and I like to be organized.  The problem with me is that I have a disorganized organization system!  I have birth certificates tucked in one drawer, bank statements in another and my tax info in yet another!  This is so funny because when I need one of these important papers, I cannot figure out where I have put them.  My husband keeps all of his personal papers in a plastic folder that he keeps in his glove box.  Honestly, I think he has the better filing system!  There has got to be a better way to keep my papers organized and easy to find.

The Neat Company has taken record keeping into the computer age and it could not have come at a better time.  With the Neat Digital Filing System you can take all of your papers and scan them into the Neat Receipts machine and all of your paperwork is organized in no time.  A really cool feature of the Neat Receipts machine is its Intelligent Text recognition.  This program reads and understands key information and then files it with other like documents.  Can you imagine how great it would be to scan in your receipts for fuel and when tax time comes, all your gas receipts for the year are in one folder and you can even export that information into Excel or Quicken.  The Neat Company has created something that can be used by anyone, anytime and anywhere.  Very cool!!  To learn more about The Neat Company you can like them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

Electronic Filing System

I cannot tell you how much I was looking forward to reviewing an electronic filing system.  I have already admitted my shameless organization system, so I really needed to use the Neat Receipts machine.  This machine is so incredibly easy to use that you will not believe it!  All you do is take your receipt or document and feed it into the Neat Receipts machine.  I will advise you to keep your hard copies as you never know when you may need to produce a physical record for something.  The Neat Receipts is really lightweight and easy to carry and you can plug it into your computer via the USB port.  You also receive a free 30 day trial of NeatCloud which enables you to make a back-up of your files and then you can get them from anywhere.  I was able to take all of my files and scan them into the Neat Receipts machine and within 2 hours, I had all of my papers scanned and filed and exported into a spreadsheet for my taxes.  When it is time to file my taxes, I have everything I need in one place which makes filing my taxes easier than ever.  I am definitely going to tell my friends about this amazing product because it makes your life so much easier!  This thing is Da Bomb!!

One reader will receive a Neat Receipts machine and the 30 day free trial of NeatCloud, valued at $199.95.

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