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Disclaimer! Mother Nature, Women and Wicking

I feel as if I should give a disclaimer for this post as I am talking about some pretty personal stuff. So, if you are offended by the side are effects mother nature has on women’s bodies, you are asked to proceed with caution! When I had my first child at 25, I gained 62 pounds thanks to my love of Reese’s cups and Chocolate Mint ice cream. I found a buddy to go to the gym and I lost all of the weight in a little over 3 months. When I had my 2nd child at 36, I gained 45 pounds and I never lost all of the weight I gained. When I had my last child at 39, I gained another 40 pounds, of which, about 30 is still hanging on for dear life. So, for the past 15 years, I have lived my life as a plus size woman and I get to enjoy all the stuff that goes with that. I get to buy ugly clothes in the department stores, my legs rub together and I seem to sweat bullets no matter what the temperature is or the activity level. I kid you not that I seem to go through about 3-4 pair of underwear on any given day. Even if I use a pantie liner, which often I do, I still get so moist down there that I change out my granny panties. So if you are like me, you may be asking how to stay fresh and keep dry. Well, with the awesome wicking underwear from Knix Wear, it is easy!

Wicking Underwear For Women

The folks over at Knix have a few principals they put in place and they work very well. They are:

  • Fashion: They want to make women’s lives easier, so they made sure you will love their underwear. This helps them reach their goal of making you feel and look as beautiful as possible.
  • Function: With their innovative and creative gusset, they have been able to discreetly and seamlessly incorporate it into their underwear. This is called their Fresh Fix Technology™, which wicks (say that 5 times fast lol) the moisture and absorbs it. It eliminates odor and 100% cotton top layer feels great against your skin.

This line of underwear is exactly what women need! I was sent 2 pairs of the Knix Wear hi-rise brief panties, which sell for $34.00 each, one in nude and one in black. I love that I can leave the house and not bring an extra pair of panties with me in case I get too moist down there. I also appreciate the odor control, because, we do sometimes not have that fresh feeling. Also, if I sneeze or laugh and have a little pee pee leak, I do not panic. After 3 kids, I am bound to have a little accident at least once a week, so this makes me feel more secure. •

I love the way the underwear feels and looks because it is smooth, sleek and it does not show those yucky pantie lines, which I hate. If you have any of the needs I mentioned, ir just want a good looking and feeling pair of panties, you need to take a look at these. You can find the panties in bikini, thong, boy short and the briefs. The line also includes the Knixy, which is a gorgeous lace panty as well as the FitKnix, which is for women who exercise and need some extra protection. Be sure to follow Knix Wear on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on their latest news.

Two USA readers will win their choice of (2) pairs of Knix (ARV $28-$38 each)


  1. I really like the FitKnix Boyshort. I wear boyshorts like this all the time – just not as nice w/the sweat protection & all. I am a cook in a restaurant & I tell you what – it gets hot back there. I’m constantly moving – bending, turning, reaching, lifting, etc. Just the other day I was thinking about how I need better under protection.

  2. I would love the black knixy boyshorts. I really need them! I sweat all the time due to thyroid disorder and medications. I am so excited that there is an item out there to help!

  3. I love the lacy knixy boyshorts! What a sexy pair of undies that provide relief from that…um…”not so fresh feeling”. 🙂

  4. Wow! I’d never heard of these! My family hikes and camps a lot. My husband and I have been on trips lasting a couple months…these would actually be perfect. I wish I had known about them sooner. I really like the Bikini and the boyshort. Seriously, these types are lifesavers during long outdoor trips!

  5. Love the Knix seamless bikinis. Wearing compression tights while I run I hate having lines from my underwear.

  6. I would prefer the Knix Bikini. And what a prefect time to be reviewing these. After I turned fifty, I have learned that sneezing or laughing can be a dangerous prospect.

  7. I would prefer the Knix Bikini as my first choice. My second choice would be the Knix Boyshort. I love the idea that there are no panty lines…lol. I really dislike underwear that show lines.

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