CHIMPANZEEI was raised on Disney movies. I believe the very first one that I had ever seen was Sleeping Beauty. I was also raised as a nature lover and always remember my Grandma being involved with WWF and other Nature based organizations. My Uncle frequently took me to see the wonders of sea grapes growing on trees or to visit Coco at the Miami Sea Aquarium. My mom idolizes Jane Goodall and instilled in me to respect and love nature leading by example. Chimpanzee is a movie that combines nature, lovable animals, science, learning, conservation and a message all in a magical way that only Disney can.

“The Jane Goodall Institute is proud to work so closely with Disneynature on the release of CHIMPANZEE,” said Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of Peace. “JGI has been working in Africa for almost 35 years following on from my research begun in 1960. We are thrilled to extend our impact and efforts through this collaboration to support and celebrate such a wonderful film. Together, we can truly make a difference and are thrilled to have Disneynature join our efforts to protect chimpanzee habitats, care for orphaned chimpanzees in the Republic of Congo and educate a new generation of young people and connect them to nature.”

CHIMPANZEE FreddyI have already talked about how emotional this movie had made me feel when I wanted to throw Oscar a nut, but I have not explained how moved I was by the bond between Oscar and Isha, the mother. Step by learning step, you were able to experience Oscar’s life and the lessons that he learned from his mother. He learned the right way to eat, groom, and sleep by watching how his mom did. It was funny, and I often laughed out loud at the antics of the young chimps. They pestered their elders just as my kids do – I totally connected! These chimpanzees had to endure being woke up when trying to sleep, pulled on, climbed on and pestered just like most moms! Yet, they loved and cuddled, taught and fed with angelic patience. It was a really cool process to see and to compare how alike we are.


CHIMPANZEEI truly expected to walk into this film and be dazzled with superb scenery from the Disneynature jungle cinematography. I expected to see chimpanzees hugging and loving on each other as portrayed in the movie trailer. I even expected to cry because I am a big ol’ sap and I do not think Disney has produced yet one film I have not shed a tear on, but what I did not expect was to fall in love. I did not expect to remember all the lessons that my family had instilled in me. I did not expect to rekindle the love I have for the Earth. Chimpanzee made me want to be a better person. I left the movie caring more about the Earth than when I went in. If an alpha male chimpanzee can take the time to nurture and love an orphaned chimpanzee, then I can recycle. Just seeing the expressions in their eyes, knowing that what we do effects them and knowing what we have done has as well had me cart the reusable bucket they gave us for popcorn all over that day. I carried it through Animal Kingdom, back to the hotel, packed it in my car and then brought it home, reused it by taking it on a picnic in nature.  I am also using the reusable tote from my swag bag, washable plates and mini spoons left over from a party. I want to tell you the whole film, but you really need to see it yourself. Everyone needs to experience Chimpanzee. Everyone needs to care about our Earth. Everyone needs to carry conservation in their hearts.

Chimpanzee bucket

Make sure to interact with Disneynature on Facebook , join in the conversation on Twitter @Disneynature,  and educate yourself about the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund and Jane Goodall Institute. Please try to see Chimpanzee on April 20 to do your part to save a chimpanzee.

Disneynature will make a donation, for every ticket sold during opening week, to the Jane Goodall Institute through the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund in order to protect chimpanzees and their habitats, now and into the future. Disneynature’s Chimpanzee opens in theaters everywhere and you can make a difference helping prevent the extinction of chimpanzees. See this film in theaters during opening week April 20-26, 2012.