Do Your Makeup Spring Cleaning With Mary KayWhen it comes to your cosmetics, most women do not think about keeping things clean and organized in that department. There are several reasons why you should do your makeup spring cleaning, but more often than once a year! Your makeup brushes can hang on to bacteria which can lead to skin problems that we do not want on your face. If you keep your brushes clean, you can avoid any skin irritations or acne. Another place you can find bacteria is your makeup because you are probably dipping your bacteria filled brushes in your makeup. So now, you have contaminated your brushes and your makeup which is not a good combination! Also, if you tend to use your brushes for several products, you can easily be muddling your colors, which will not give you the pure look you deserve. An easy solution to this complex problem is cleaning your brushes with a good product. Mary Kay, one of the most recognized and used makeup brands has a brush cleaner that is perfect for keeping your brushes nice and germ free.

Mary Kay Brush Bag

Do Your Makeup Spring Cleaning With Mary Kay

The best way to stop a bad habit, is to replace it with a good habit. Luckily, the Mary Kay Brush Cleaner cleans all of your brushes quickly and thoroughly. Good makeup brushes are not inexpensive and in order to keep them around for a long time is to take care of them. This fast cleaning product dries fast and effectively gets rid of old makeup residue and bacteria. All you do is spray your brushes until they are damp and then sweep it across a clean tissue. Easy peasy! If you need a good set of brushes, Mary Kay has a wonderful collection that is available in a 5 piece set or you can purchase them separately as well.

Another tool you will want to have is a good organizer for your makeup. With the all in one organizer from Mary Kay, you can keep your makeup in place, whether at home or on the road. The nylon exterior easily wipes clean and the four interior compartments are easy to remove and keep everything nice and tidy. With the velcro closure and the handy handles, you cannot beat the price or the convenience. You can purchase the Makeup Brush Cleaner online at Mary Kay or from your local Mary Kay consultant for $10 as well as the ravel Roll Up Bag for $30. If you would like a great set of brushes that will last you for years, you can purchase the 5 brush set and organizer bag for $55 or the brushes can be bought individually for $10-$16 per brush.