Genie Bra

Does anyone else think if bras were employees they would get fired? Unfortunately they’re that “essential” employ that you can’t live with and can’t live without. I hate their underwires, constrictive bands, impossible hooks and biting straps. There are days I wish we could just run around without them but I believe it’s frowned upon. Not to mention what would happen once gravity got a hold of them. Kids have already done their damage I don’t need that issue too. I’m not saying bra’s don’t do their job (even though some don’t) I just wish they did it more comfortably. Then there came the Genie Bra, and like it’s name sake it started granting wishes. Underwires? Poof, gone. Wires and Hooks, vanished. Even those god forsaken shoulder straps. See what I mean? A real Genie!

Thanks to the awesome Everlast Comfort Stretch Fabric it not only conforms shape and any cup size, it does so without losing it shapes. Yes, even sans underwire! It’s like magic, I know. I mean it’s even machine washable…if only it could wash itself, they would be on to something. The Genie Bra is easy to slip on over your head and isn’t constrictive like sports bras. It even offers a secret magic pouch for removable pads that offer extra lift and support. With it’s full coverage design it can even double as a faux layer under V-neck shirts. Yay, for less layers! Genie even offers 4 sets of 3 color options so you can find it nearly any color for layering. Genie Bras are only $60 for a pack of three ($20ea). Plus, right now if you order 1 set you get a 2nd set free!

But does the Genie Bra really work as seen on TV?

I walk a lot in the mornings, and I hate wearing sports bras. I am a B- cup (an A in denial) and I don’t want to feel more squished than I already am. I also do not want to wear a padded bra or one with the underwires and get all sweaty. You know my neighbors are watching me. So I need to look at least half way decent. The genie bra is perfect! It hides all my back fat and doesn’t dig in my shoulders. However, you do need to make sure that you get the right size. I am a 36B which would be a large even though I wear a medium size shirt. Since the cup size conforms to you natural and enhances what you have with soft liners, you really need to go by the suggested sizing guide to get the correct fit. That means reading instructions before you buy which is something I normally don’t do.

Another one of my favorite ways to wear a genie bra is with those pesky off the shoulder shirts that show your bra straps. Once I discovered the Genie bra, now I can wear a bra and let it all “hang out” with no one the wiser. You can see what I mean by the picture at the top of the article. Doesn’t it look like it was supposed to show? Love it!

Genie offers more than just amazing bras. They also offer Slim and Tone Leggings with 5 areas of comfortable compression. This is so great for pulling of the layered tunic look that in right now, without worrying about all of my bumps and lumps showing. They also come in packs of 3! You can connect further with the Genie Bra brand on Facebook.

I wrote this review while participating in a Blog Tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Genie Bra and received products to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.


  1. Sorry I tried this in several sizes and returned them all. they run small due to tight fit yet manage to offer NO SUPPORT for a d cup 🙁

  2. I am a 38D and it didn’t give me the look of those who were 38DD on the informercials. It didn’t supprt and it squished my breast together and made it look like one big breast. It doesn’t hold it’ shape either. I find that the straps stretched and my girls were lowered almost to my waiste and jiggled too much when you walk. NO SUPPORT. However, it makes a good sleep bra.

  3. I am definately not a small size and I love the genie bra Couldn’t ask for a more comfortable bra. Iactually forgot it was on and fell asleep wearing it one night. It definately gets my recommendation !

  4. I’ve been curious about this bra. My daughter is a DD to a DDD and I’m not sure it would really have the support she needs. Me on the otherhand, I am a C/D, but having lost so much weight my boobs are deflated and lack any firmness so mostly I play boob oragami when I get my tata’s in a bra. Most of the time I’m just looking for ways to fill out the cup since my so not bodacious boobs just seem to sink into the cup. Maybe *I* should get one of these. Seems it might work well for the lesser endowed and the no fluff tittie types like me.

    • Bali has nice selection of bras that may work for your daughter. Of all the brands this is the one that works for me and I am a 38D.They are sold at JC Penney’s and Khols’.

  5. I didn’t really like the Genie for everyday wear, for me it is more of a sleep bra. I am a DD cup and it just doesn’t have the support needed. Plus I would always feel like I was “falling out”. It does make a great sleep bra though.

  6. I actually didn’t have quite as great an experience with the Genie Bra, unfortunately…and I SO wanted to. I got the right size and everything (honest!) but it just squished me. It made me sad because I really wanted to convert to the Genie Bra full-time. 🙁

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