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Cali has been on a journey with me. I am discovering her true nature thanks to Purina One and their True Nature of Cats program. I started by transitioning her food over to Healthy Metabolism, and introduced her to a toy a week. Some of them she liked and others she wanted to have nothing to do with. I learned that I need to keep reintroducing the toys because maybe she will like them once she is more familiar with them. I went to St. Louis to the Purina Headquarters and learned all about how to treat your cat like a cat!

Purina Cat 4

At Purina, they had a whole “research” room where you could check out all of the approved toys and cat accessories to the program. They had an extensive collection and quite a few things that I never even knew existed. Your cat is a hunter by nature and needs plenty of places to hide and stalk. Part of the journey to discovering your cats true nature is encouraging these natural behaviors. Cali has a tree to hide in, and plenty of places to hide from the kids. Does your cat have a place to go up high to survey the situation around her?

Purina Cat

What Cali did not have prior to this trip was a proper water bowl. Did you know that cats have a hard time seeing still water? They see two-dimensional, so water is something they would not notice unless it is moving. That is why your cat loves the faucet! I saw this really neat idea at the Purina Headquarters, and I just had to get one! Does your cat get enough water?

Purina Cat 2

In addition to adding the Healthy Metabolism wet food in the morning, I also purchased a drinking fountain for her to encourage proper hydration. at first, she wanted nothing to do with it, but after it had been in our house a week, she started drinking from it more often. Actually, her water intake has increased three fold from when she had free-standing water. You can purchase all different types of water fountains at Amazon, and they are super easy to set up.

Purina Cat 5

In the wild, cats would get their hydration from the animals that they consumed. Since our domestic cats do not eat live prey, they depend on us for hydration. Through this program I learned many things about my cat and cats in general that I cannot wait to share with you! I plan on sharing what I know about feeding your feline loved one and how you can make this the best experience possible on my next post. so stay tuned and follow the #TrueNatureOfCats to see what all the buzz is about! You can find more about your cat’s true nature at the True Nature of Cats website and on Facebook.



  1. I got a fountain for my cat, he would not touch it. So after about 6 months i threw it out. I have to use a eye dropper to give my cat water as he will get uti. Now he is well and no more uti.

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