Man CratesEvery year, I have such a hard time buying my husband a gift for Father’s Day. He is like most men, which means if he wants a gift, he will just buy it. It doesn’t matter that even though he has been dropping hints about needing a new mouse or a shovel cause they are not hints like a woman would do, they are statements. He is going to buy a mouse. He is going to buy a shovel. Sigh. So what gift would be perfect to give on Father’s Day or a birthday, Christmas, Valentines Day, or just cause I love you. Enter the Man Crate.

A Man Crate is full of all of the things men love and comes in a sturdy crate you have to open with a crow bar that comes with the crate. How cool is that! No ribbons, no fancy wrapping paper – just a man, a crow bar and a crate. You can even pick the perfect crate for your man with all of the choices they have. Do you have an old school food lover? They have a crate for that! Does you man like things a little on the spicy side? They have a crate for that too! They have min bar crates, German Beer crates and even a crate for carnivores! Trust me when I tell you, your man will flip! Here is how I know. I went on a trip. I was going to be gone for 5 whole days! The ONLY instructions I left were if a crate comes that says Man Crate on it DO NOT OPEN IT. I need to video you opening it for the blog. Then when I talked to him on the phone, “Noah, do not open the crate when it comes. It is very important that I video you opening it.” C’mon, guess what happened… I got a text message.

Dead Man Walking

Really Noah? Really? So all of my plans of videoing how cool this crate was and how excited he would be when he got it opened. It was going to be a GREAT post… full of pictures and neat things. But, all I got was this. Trash. Or you can look on the bright side – he was so excited he had to open it. He knew he was going to be in trouble when I got home, and he risked it all to see what was inside. If that does not scream “A product that is irresistible for the man in your life,” I do not know what does.

Empty Man Crate

Bad Noah! You know what he said? That was cool, can I have one for Father’s Day? I told him he could win one at the Fathers Day Gift Ideas Event in June!

Father's Day Gift


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