Donating Healthy Snacks For Kids #Dole4Kids #shop #cbias
In my community, we have a thrift store called Second Act where you can take items to donate to the woman’s shelter as well as bring in your gently used items to sell. The profits from the items go towards ACT, Abuse and Counseling Treatment Center of Fort Myers, and the donations of food go towards the kids and women who have been misplaced from their homes. This is where I decided to donate my Dole Healthy Snacks For Kids.

Donating Healthy Snacks For Kids #Dole4Kids #shop #cbias

A friend of mine and her children had to use this service. She had to hide from an abusive boyfriend with her kids. They seemed like a normal family, and you never would have suspected, but he almost killed her and the kids twice. ACT saved her life. I always worried about her kids being in a shelter, so I try to help out the treatment center as often as I can, to give them some sense of normalcy in their turned-upside down world.


I was going to BlogHer and then we had a vacation at the beach scheduled, so I knew I wasn’t going to be able to collect from everyone in time. However, I let everyone know upon my return I would gather up food and clothing to take for my second trip to the Second Act. In the meantime, I really wanted to make my donation count, so I purchased $200 worth of Dole fruit bowls to take for the kids starting school. I could not imagine having to start my son’s first day of school in that situation, much less wonder if he was eating healthy snacks. You can read my whole path to purchase of these snacks including the crazy looking cart below that weighed more than I have ever pushed at Walmart on my Google Plus Album.

Donating Healthy Snacks For Kids #Dole4Kids #shop #cbias (16)

I also had to get a few refreshments for the beach (and a beach chair) I could not believe the cart was so heavy! The fruit bowls took over 1/2 of the cart and the cashier looked at me like I really, really liked fruit!

Donating Healthy Snacks For Kids #Dole4Kids #shop #cbias (15)

Since I am only one person, I like to get others involved with ACT. I go around on a regular basis to many of my neighboors, family and friends to take collections of food items and clothes to bring in. I also get all of the items from my Grandma’s leftover trunk sales she has at her church. I have my son’s help me by sorting everything out and then packinging them up for donation. They also choose a few toys and items in their closets to give up each month. It is important for me to have them learn the importance of helping others. Did you know you and your fmaily can get involved too? There are many organizations you can help.

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By going through the Champions for Kids, you can bring help bring the yummy goodness of Dole Fruit Bowls, Fruit Squishems and Dole  Fruit Bowls to those who need healthy snacks! My family knows first hand how great they taste, so we love to share the taste by Donating Healthy Snacks For Kids in our community.

Sharing Dole Fruit Cups #Shop #cbias

You can find Dole Foods on their social media sites at @DoleFoods, DoleFood on Instagram & Pinterest and Dole on Facebook. You can find Champion for Kids on Facebook at ChampionsForKids and on Twitter at @Champions4Kids.


  1. I LOVE that the boys got involved in this project. It is so important that our kids know about giving to others and see us do that so we set a great example. Cool camera trick..must learn that one 🙂

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