Doras Ballet Adventure DVD

To say that my daughter is a Dora fanatic is an understatement!  She loves all things Dora, we have Dora scheduled on our DVR so we can have her at our fingertips ALL the time.  I was recently able to review Dora’s Ballet Adventure, created by Nickelodeon and distributed by Paramount Home Entertainment.  This couldn’t have happened at a more perfect time.  My soon to be 4 yr old who loves Dora also has become obsessed with dancing especially ballet.

Kids Movie 2011

In the main episode of this kids movie, Dora is ready for her recital when she realizes she doesn’t have her ballet slippers, map helps them to find the ballet slippers as they make their way back to the school.  My daughter was so cute, she said “Mommy I didn’t know Dora was a ballerina, I want to be a ballerina too”!  Each episode uses counting and colors so they are so educational, the child directly interacts and follows along.  They also learn songs, the names of instruments, animal noises, counting in Spanish and solving riddles.  All of the episodes are musical, so we were dancing, singing and playing our own instruments.  My daughter dressed up in her Dora outfit and was in absolute bliss watching her new DVD, of course its basically been on repeat since we received it.  My 1 yr old was also bobbing her head and bouncing to the music, I can already see that she’s going to be a Dora fan as well.

Doras Ballet Adventure Full Episode

You can always count on Dora Ballet Adventure to be entertaining, full of fun adventures with Boots and Swiper, wonderful music and Spanish.  I think its awesome that she teaches Spanish, my daughter has picked up a lot of words and it makes me so happy to hear her use them after she has watched the shows.  Watching Dora has made her interested in learning Spanish and as a family we are learning it together (if only I would have taken Spanish in school instead of French!).

You can purchase Dora’s Ballet Adventure  for $13.99.  They have everything Dora you could want: dolls, DVDs, t-shirts and games.
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