Jane GoodallI met Dr. Jane Goodall. She stood right next to me. This amazing, brilliant woman who has done so much four our Earth. My mother had taught me of Dr. Goodall when I was younger and told me she was a role model to aspire to be like. I remember sitting in my living room in high school having a conversation with my mom, listening to her talk about how we as women can do anything, accomplish anything and cited her work as an example. I was interested in wildlife, nature and conservation in high school, probably why the conversation is still at the forefront of my memory.

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Another conversation I am sure I will retain was the round table interview with Dr. Jane Goodall after we saw the red carpet premiere of Chimpanzee.  Right from the start of the interview, she tugged at my heart strings stating, “We haven’t inherited this planet from our parents but borrowed it from our children. We’ve been stealing from our children. We have to admit that’s wrong. We’re still stealing.” and continued to talk on about how if we (as a planet) can raise awareness of Chimpanzee’s, care about their conservation, then in turn people will have to care about the rain forests where they live. This will mean the people who live around the rain forests will have to have better lives than what they have since most live in great poverty. By helping these people, they in turn, help with the conservation of their lands, forests, and chimps. “Everything is interrelated, and no one organization can do anything alone.

When asked what the average person can do to help a cause like this, what would you suggest, Jane replied, “Just spend a little bit of time each day thinking about the consequences of the choices you make.” and further explained how where an item comes from, how it was made and if it involved cruelty to animals makes a difference. What is the end affect on the environment as a whole. “And when people start thinking like that, they begin making, first, small changes, and then usually, bigger changes.”

I walked away from the session noticing a napkin blowing down the street, and bent down to pick it up. I moved a can from the trash to the recycle bin. I decided to start paying more attention to my actions and to do my part. Because as Dr. Goodall says we are a growing number of people all around the world, and “it’s when everybody starts thinking like this and children change their grandparents” a move in the right direction.

You can do your part too! Make sure to interact with Disneynature on Facebook , join in the conversation on Twitter @Disneynature,  and educate yourself about the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund and Jane Goodall Institute. Please try to see Chimpanzee on April 20 to do your part to save a chimpanzee.

Disneynature will make a donation, for every ticket sold during opening week, to the Jane Goodall Institute through the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund in order to protect chimpanzees and their habitats, now and into the future. Disneynature’s Chimpanzee opens in theaters everywhere and you can make a difference helping prevent the extinction of chimpanzees. See this film in theaters during opening week April 20-26, 2012.