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Dress Shoes For Women That Are Comfortable From Jon Josef Review

Dress Shoes For Women That Are Comfortable

How rare is it to find dress shoes for women that are comfortable?  If you can find such a shoe, are they priced within your budget?  If you are like most women, the answers are very and no, respectively.  I am tired of finding a pair of shoes that are beautiful and get them home and want to take them off 10 minutes after wearing them out for the night.  I have had more than one evening end with me taking off my shoes and carrying them in my hand.  Dancing?  Forget it!  Take a romantic walk with your sweetie? Forget it!!  Why must we let go of comfort for fashion?  In my opinion it can’t be that hard to find a balance…or is it?

Jon Josef is an unbelievable shoe line from J.J. Egido, shoe designer extraordinaire!  J.J. has deep roots in the footwear business as his family in Alicante, Spain was a major footwear company there.  After spending most of his life learning every in and out of the business, J.J. moved to the USA where we fell in love with the Jon Josef shoes and he fell in love with the lovely Louisa!  If there was one thing J.J. learned from working with his family was that shoes should make women feel and look good, without compromising one for the other!  Back in Spain, J.J. was able to find the finest textiles, leathers and artisans, and by combining all three, the first line for J.J. was born.  The shoes from Jon Josef are very affordable, are made to look and feel good and will last you for many, many years.  To see more of the Jon Josef shoes, you can like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Affordable Shoes For Women

So, you have found shoes that are beautiful but are they affordable shoes for women?  My experience has taught me never to expect quality from a discount store and if a shoe is really low priced, it will be of very little quality.  I do agree that you much pay a higher price for a better quality shoe and if they will last for many years, isn’t that a better deal?  You can spend $100 on a good pair of shoes that will last for 5 years or you can spend $30 for a pair of shoes you replace every 6-12 months.  I am not a math major, but even I can see those numbers aren’t even close!  I was looking for dress shoes that would also work with casual clothes and found Jon Josef.  I am in love with the gorgeous materials Jon Josef uses as well as the soft leather and the heavenly fit.  I really can say that these shoes were as comfortable when I tried them on as they were after being work for several hours.  The shoe I was given to review was the Navy Leopard Gatsby ($114.95), which can be found online at Lori’s Shoes.  These are simply the most gorgeous shoes I have every owned!  They are everything you would want in a shoe.  I am happy to say there is a new collection coming in the fall, so to entice you into visiting Jon Josef, I have included images of two pairs of shoes that will be available in a few short months.  Keep an eye out for a giveaway of one of the Jon Josef shoes from their 2012 fall collection from Makobi Scribe!!


  1. It may be that my parents are from NJ but you can never go wrong with cheetah print. Comfy and dress shoes don’t usually go together. How awesome!

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