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Breakfast is one of my  favorite meals. I pretty much wake up starving and love to fill my tummy with the best foods. On the weekend I like to make a huge breakfast. It is the perfect time to reflect on the busy week, sit down with your family and chat. However cooking always comes with a price a huge mess! Do you have a mess like this in your sink after a good meal? I admit it. I will even leave the dishes to rest until I feel like getting back to them. Sometimes, it is too long. Then I have to deal with dried on egg, baked on food, and frankly quite a mess. Thank goodness for Stay Clean sponges! My other sponge will trap the bits of egg and food in the sponge which makes for a gross sponge on the sink.

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It is pretty amazing that after cleaning all of those dishes and scraping off the dried egg with ease on the bowls and even the baked on egg on the casserole dish, the sponge came up clean.

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That is a pretty gnarly mess don’t you think? The egg part is all gooey and the baked on part is really, really, really stuck on! In no time short, the mess was clean and the sponge was clean! Amazing! The Stay Clean Non-Scratch Scrub Sponge is available in a four pack at a suggested retail price of $4.99. You can also buy a two pack at a suggested retail price of $2.99. The Scotch-Brite® Stay Clean Sponges are available at Target. You can win a prize package by telling me one of your cleaning tips in the comment section of the blog below.


  1. That looks like quite the mess! I’m always looking for a good kitchen sponge, and Scotch is a brand I trust. I’ll have to go hunt these new sponges down!

  2. I usually let them soak for as long as I can in hot soapy water. Then I’ll try scrubbing and get as much as I can and if there is any left I’ll soak that again in hot soapy water.

  3. I always put hot water and alittle dishwashing soap and let it soak overnight. Then I use my fave sponge and it wipes right off. I’ve been using scotch brite sponges for as long as I can remember.

  4. my tip is if you have a dish that you cant get clean pour dishdetergent in it and some hot water and it will be easier to clean

  5. Best cleaning tip is hot water & vinegar to help cut grease and baked on foods (also works great on floors!)

  6. You can use hydrogen peroxide to get out blood-stains in fabric. Soak in hydrogen peroxide, then scrub the stain with soap and water.

  7. Soak dishes in hot, hot water. Start washing when water is cooled down enough to put your hands in. Very hot water just cleans better.

  8. I think the biggest tip I can give is don’t buy cheap dish soap. Really, it’s worth it to buy the more expensive stuff. You won’t have to use as much.

  9. I always add a bit of water to pans with things like baked on egg and a minimal amount of dish soap and let it boil away on stove for a while. Loosens up the worst of the mess.

  10. you can loosen pans up and make it easier to wash by running them in dishwasher first before scrubbing them

  11. I like to clean as i go when i cook. That way at the end of the meal I am not overwhelmed with kitchen duty!!

  12. I sprinkle baking soda and a little bit of hot water on my stove before bed and I makes it easier to clean the next morning

  13. I like to keep Bar Keeper’s Friend on hand for stainless steel pots & pans. Without it, even after scrubbing, there will be spots on the pieces. Sprinkle a little Bar Keeper’s Friend on & clean with a Scotch Brite sponge & it looks absolutely new.

    • Oops, I read that as what is my challenge. My tip for it is to let baking soda paste (water & soda mixed) to sit on it for a while and then wipe it off with a soft scrubbing sponge.

  14. Soak with hot water and ultra dawn dish soap for a little while and then just scrub away. It’s how I’ve been doing it for years. lol 🙂

  15. Baked on ceramic seems to be the hardest for me to clean. But I have found that if I put a small amount of Dawn into the pan add hot water and let set for fifteen minutes even the ceramic comes clean easily.


  16. The link that you have for Scotch-Brite’s twitter is wrong (it’s a fake) the official one is: @scotchbrite_3M and that’s the one I’m following. You should fix it in the widget

  17. add some cream of tartar and water to pan with burnt on foods and bring to a simmer
    let the pan cool and burnt on mess will come off easier

  18. Let any hard stains soak over night with some warm water and dish soap. The next day it’ll be easy to clean.

  19. Pour old baking soda from the fridge into your kitchen sink drain. Add a ton of vinegar. Enjoy fizz for a minute. Add water to rinse and scrub around drain lip. Voila, clean drain, inside and out!

  20. I love to put a few drops of pure therapeutic lemon essential oil on my sink and counter tops for amazing shine. Excellent for keeping area clean and fresh in both kitchen and bathroom and smells great. Can also use lime, grapefruit and/or orange essential oil(s).

  21. I try to always focus on at least surface cleaning the main areas of the home once a day and deep cleaning specific rooms once a week!

  22. clean countertops and stovetops with hot soapy water first then dry and use disenfectant wipes like clorox or lysol

  23. we have 7 pomeranians, no carpet and hardwood floors. when “sweeping” the corners and under beds wrap packing tape around your swiffer like a big ol’ lint roller.

  24. If you have indoor dogs and tile flooring use bleach when you mop. Follow mixing directions on bottle. It gets rid of odors and disinfects.

  25. Start with the ceilings and work your way down. Celebrate your successes when you clean a designated part of your house rather than feeling discouraged because the entire house isn’t clean.

  26. I try to pace myself with cleaning so I do a little every day, then I don’t end up with a big mess by the time the weekend comes around.

  27. I try to clean on a schedule so things don’t get too bad. And, I clean from top to bottom.

  28. use a reusable pad or even washcloth on your swiffer or other floor mop to save money instead of buying expensive one-time-use pads.

  29. I always try to rinse dishes right away…if grim is stuck, I soak it for awhile, take a sponge, and it wipes right off!

  30. If I have a pot or pan that looks impossible to clean, I fill it with water, put it on the stove, bring to a boil, cover with a lid, let sit for a few minutes, and it is much easier to clean.

  31. Soak for a couple of hours or over night. Some times I will put water in the pot with baking soda and boil it for a few minutes.

  32. I hate with a passion to clean my blinds, but I find if I dust them everyday they are much easier to clean.

  33. I usually let pots and pans with stuck on food soak overnight in soapy water and then wash the next day.

  34. to clean the microwave, throw a cut up lemon in a bowl of water and microwave for a few minutes. It will loosen everything up. Then just wipe and your done

  35. I try to put dishes with anything in the sink right away. If I give it a scrub and stick it in the dishwasher, it comes out clean.

  36. My tip to get dried on hard food off of dishes is to scrub, soak, repeat, repeat, repeat til it’s off. Don’t wait overnight, just start with it so that you can have it scrubbed down by the time you are done! 😀

  37. For a really crusty pan, put in a little water and a little dish soap and put it back on the stove to just a boil and then remove and wash! Easy Peasy!

  38. Put baking soda & a little water (like a paste) on the bottom of a pan that has burnt food. Let it soak over night & it will wash right off.

  39. I don’t know how much of a tip this is, but I keep two sponges at the sink (a regular sponge and a scrubber), and when I run the dishwasher, I put the sponges on the top shelf to sanitize them. I’d love to give this new Stay Clean sponge a try!

  40. i soak for a while if it is hard to clean. also to keep your sponge clean, microwave it! they will last longer not mell and kill off food bacteria.

  41. I add dish soap and a bit of water to pots with burned on stuff then I put it on the stove and boil. The scorched stuff lifts right off.

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