Droid Dna

I was originally sent the Droid DNA from HTC to review at the end of November. I immediately fell in LOVE. I was really sad that I was going to have to return it after my review period, and had already begun plans to upgrade my current contract with Verizon with the DNA. Then I found out I was going to be enlisted back into the #VZWA Verizon ambassador program and was given the hint that the phone I was to receive was Hip Cool & Thin so I knew I was getting another HTC device so I waited with my fingers crossed.

The DNA was my absolute favorite phone from the moment I took it out of the box. Most phones I have used you have to enter your password info for all of the sites over and over again and with makobiscribe, I have to retype the whole word in several times before the phone recognizes the word. With the DNA, I entered my Google and Amazon information and it imported all my contacts, account information, books, and apps in like 5 minutes. It was almost as if the phone knew my DNA…

Over my initial review period with HTC, I took the phone with me on vacation to Sea World and to Disney’s Magic Kingdom. The first day we went to the parks, I just did not feel like carting my DSLR around my neck for 15 hours. I brought my smaller camera, but I totally forgot to charge the battery. Good thing I had my DNA. I love the screen size at an impressive 5-inches and a 1080p full-HD display.

This is perfect for watching movies on trips, entertaining the kids, and answering the hundreds of emails without having to squint to see. It also allows for super fab picture taking. I use the Google Plus app and have all my pictures automatically upload, so I do not even have to worry about storage. I took a ton of photos from our trip, like Jakobi blowing bubbles at Sea World.

Bubbles at Sea World

The camera has a front and rear camera utilizing a Snapdragon™ quad-core processor. The camera is wicked fast and you can get great shots in mere seconds so you won’t miss a memory like your kids spinning on tea cups.

Tea Cup Spin

Just by holding the shutter button, you can take several shots in a row. This is great for kids, sports and those times inn life you know something amazing like a whale jumping might happen.

Sea World Pictures

The camera angle is pretty neat. You can catch a pretty good body shot with the wide angle lens. This also means you can take a picture of you and your friends without having to hand your camera to someone else.

Camera angle with Droid DNA

So many times at Sea World I was glad I had a video camera right in my pocket. My friend Tara was showing us a trick on how to play with the dolphins and I am so glad I was able to catch this with my DNA phone. The quality is pretty incredible as well.

I was provided the phone to review on my trip by HTC, but you can still follow along my adventures and further examination of the Droid DNA by HTC while I am reviewing it on the #VZWA Verizon program.


  1. Wow that phone does take great pictures. I also like that you can take pictures and it will send it directly to your email. Thanks for sharing your review on this phone.

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