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DuPont Teflon Myths Dispelled

With all the working, shopping, wrapping, parties, and more, who has time for cleaning more than is necessary?  You can always count on the nonstick attributes of Teflon coating to make your clean ups, especially during the holidays, quick and easy.  It is possible to do it all during the holidays, you just have to have the right equipment to do so.

The White Ivory Tramontina Gourmet Porcelain Enamel Fry Pan is a striking piece of cookware with a Black-cherry exterior and an ivory interior that creates for the modernized kitchen.  It offers the exceptional qualities of Tramontina porcelain enamel to distribute heat evenly along with the ultra-smooth nonstick interior to cook without the need for oil or butter.  The porcelain exterior adds to the durability of this fry pan and is chip and crack-resistant.  The nonstick surface releases melted cheese easily, as well as any other item that would normally need a non-stick cooking spray, butter or oil in order for it to not stick to the pan.

Entrees, sauces and side dishes can be prepared easily thanks to the even distribution and retention of heat.  With the heat distribution you are able to cook at lower temperatures and avoid over-cooked entree’s and burned sauces.    This one pan has a lot of versatility due to the high sides that makes it is more than appropriate to prepare all-in-one meals.  The handle is soft touch and delivers a smooth, stress-free comfortable grip for this heavy-gauge aluminum pan.

This pan is warp-resistant, compatible with gas, electric and ceramic glass stove tops, and is oven-safe to 350 degrees.  For convenient storage, in has an end-hanging loop to store from a pot rack.  When you get Tramontina you are getting a lot of value since these pans are constructed to last a lifetime. Also, they are made in the USA.

Tramontina is a leading manufacturer of household products that have a high-level of quality, ingenuity, and value.  They began in 1911 in Brazil and now have Brazilian, US, and other global manufacturing capabilities.

Three Teflon Myths Dispelled – read more…

  • Myth 1: There are safety concerns about cookware with Teflon® nonstick coatings. Fact: Cookware with Teflon® nonstick coatings is safe for its intended uses, and in fact, it can contribute to a heart-healthy low-fat diet by letting you cook with little or no fat.
  • Myth 2: Nonstick coatings wear off easily. Fact: Some DuPont™ Teflon® nonstick coatings are guaranteed for the life of the pan. And all are engineered to resist chipping, peeling and flaking.
  • Myth 3: Ceramic coatings or so-called “green pans” are safer or better than pans with Teflon® brand nonstick coatings. Fact: In repeated tests, cookware with Teflon® nonstick coatings outperformed ceramics and lasted seven times longer than ceramic-coated pans.

What dish are you most excited to try cooking with a White Ivory Tramontina Gourmet Porcelain Enamel Fry Pan? Tell me and you can win one


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  2. Please Enter Me In Your DuPont Teflon Myths Dispelled Giveaway.
    In Response To Your Question Of
    What dish are you most excited to try cooking with a White Ivory Tramontina Gourmet Porcelain Enamel Fry Pan?
    I Would Cook Scrambled Eggs.
    Thank You For Having This Giveaway!!!!!!!!

  3. my favourite thing to cook in a new non stick pan is always eggs. Never better than in a great non stick!

  4. I would love to cook a perfect omelet for my husband….he won’t know how to react since mine always stick and overly brown lol!

  5. The dish that I’m most excited to try cooking will definitely be some good old-fashioned fried chicken, family recipe! It would taste so good out of a brand new frying pan just like this! 🙂

  6. I’m most excited to try making pancakes with this pan. Usually by about the 15th pancake my pan has an ugly burnt on oil mess around the edges that is a pain to clean up!

  7. I go through frying pans like a person with a cold goes through kleenex. I need this product hope I win.

  8. I go through frying pans like a person with a cold goes through kleenex. I need this product hope I win.

  9. Cheese omelets – I like them very gooey and melty and everything always sticks to the pan and makes a big mess.

  10. “fried Eggs” I make mine with cooking spray and then use a tad bit of water to steam them to over easy or over medium

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