Wear Ear Plugs For Air Travel

Many people who travel by airplane can experience unpleasant side effects. When the air pressure inside you ear is different or changed from the pressure on the outside of your ear, pain happens. There is a small tube in your ear called the Eustachian tube which is like an equalizer for pressure. When you are taking off or landing in an airplane, the most rapid changes occur and your ears can’t adjust quickly enough. What you will experience is pain, popping, temporary loss of hearing and possible dizziness.

If you are flying when you have a cold, the symptoms can be more pronounced. Because kids have smaller Eustachian tubes, the symptoms can be much more pronounced. If you are not one to wear ear plugs for travel to help even out the pressure in your ears, in extreme cases, you can burst an eardrum. EarPlanes is a product for adults as well as kids that can help prevent the painful ear symptoms related to flying.

Wear Plugs For Air Travel

For the past 20 years, EarPlanes has been relieving the painful symptoms related to flying with their revolutionary ear plugs. Because they are leaders in the industry, EarPlanes is the most recommended ear plugs for air travel. EarPlanes have been the recipients of the Good Housekeeping Seal and  were also  featured on the TODAY show with Kathy Lee and Hoda. For customers who wear ear plugs for travel regularly or for the first time,  EarPlanes are recommended by doctors and airline staff. The EarPlanes are made from hypoallergenic latex-free silicone for a soft and comfortable fit. EarPlanes are so popular because they have a unique filter that no other ear plug has. The CeramX filter actually regulates air pressure naturally, without blocking sound. Parents are especially appreciative that EarPlanes comes in child sizes and is safe and effective for their sensitive ears.  and are available at CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart and other fine retailers for the ARV of $9.00.


  1. AquaEars. My fiance could definitely use those. Although I don’t have any problems with water in my ear, he gets it from just showering sometimes!

  2. I’d like to try Tinnitex.My daughter is going to England in July and something like this would be perfect.Thank you 🙂

  3. The product I would most like to try is the EarPlanes Kids/Small Size for my narrower ear canals. Thanks!

  4. I have a story for you! my husband was working 4800 feet below surface in an underground gold mine and his ears would not pop… he would be treated for fluid in his ear, would take antibiotics and it would clear up.. he would go back under and his ears would fill with fluid again. He can no longer work underground, because his situation was so severe..but I bet these earplanes would help a lot of miners who suffer with similar problems! you could make a fortune!

  5. I love the ear planes. I have been using them for a while, not just for flying but for sleeping during the day when I work nights. The are comfortable and easy to use.

  6. the earplanes would be my first choice, because I hate my ears plugging up on flights! after that I’d like to try the tinnitex

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