easter gift ideas for adults

As I sit here looking at fake Easter grass, baskets, toys, candy and the like, it makes me giggle. Why do we still go through the motions of giving things like these to kids who are well past the age of believing in the Easter bunny? Um, because it is super fun, that is why! The only thing I think would be even more fun is if I got an Easter basket of my own! I think I will totally drop the hint to my husband and tell him I would not mind going on a little Easter egg hunt with something special in one of my eggs! If you have a lady on your Easter gift list and you would like to make her day, here are a few gift ideas for you:

4 Great Easter Gifts For Women

4 Great Easter Gifts For Women

  1. Easter Basket: Did you know there are grown up versions of the Easter basket you give to your kids? You can actually order them online and fill them with whatever you like! How cool is that?
  2. Sunday Brunch: Why not take that special woman out to a lovely Sunday brunch? Or even better, why not give her breakfast in bed? I bet she would really appreciate that.
  3. Spring Wreath: I love to have a brightly colored spring wreath full of flowers and green foliage. You can make one of these yourself to make the gift even more special or order one from your florist or home store.
  4. Jewelry: When it comes to women, you cannot go wrong when giving them jewelry. One of my all time favorite places to give (or keep for myself) jewelry is the unusual and stunning Dune Jewelry.

dune jewelry starfish
I gotta tell you, if I were to have my choice of gifts to receive on Easter, it would be a piece of the amazing jewelry from Dune Jewelry. I have been a huge fan of Holly and her designs for almost 3 years now and her vision just keeps getting better and better. What Holly did was take a favorite childhood memory of being at the beach as a child and turn it into a wearable concept! You can choose from necklaces, rings, earrings, tie tacks, cuffs, charms and so much more. You choose the piece you like and then the sand from a beach you have been to or would love to have between your toes one day.

For this whimsical Starfish Necklace, which retails for $100, I chose the sands from the Dunollie Beach in Scotland. My family is Irish and Scottish, so I thought this would be super cool to have in my little starfish. One day I plan to take my family there to see where their family hails from. I love how delicate this little guy is and how great it looks with everything from jeans to my little black dress. If you are looking for an unusual gift for yourself or someone you care about, you should let Holly take care of you over at Dune Jewelry. One USA reader will win a Starfish Necklace filled with the sand of their choice ARV $100.

Which of these Easter gift ideas for women is your favorite?