happyI have been busy the past few months testing out a super cool and super secret project! However, now it is finally available for the public! It is a crafter’s delight and an organizers dream. It simply makes people Happy! Why it is the ZINK hAppy™ and hAppy+™. They are the first products in a new category of devices called Smart App Printers™ from ZINK Imaging. Smart App Printers are mobile, app-based, and wireless, and feature the ZINK® Zero Ink® Printing Technology. Smart App Printers enable creating and ink-free printing directly from smart phones and tablets or in the palm of your hand. Create and print custom designs, labels, photos, stickers, tags, coupons, and more, without any ink.

How fun is that?

happy heart2

So far, we have made a few things, but I will show you the ones that I have already given so I don’t spoil surprises! This was a birthday present for my Grandma. It is all of our family pictures in the shape of a heart. We painted the background with acrylic paint and then made handprints of the boys.

happyheart happy heart3

I also did a minor labeling project!

This is the before shot
This is the after shot

ZINK hAppy™ and ZINK hAppy+™ Smart App Printers™:

There are two different Smart App Printers:
  1. hAppy: the accessory that allow you to create full-color, high quality, ink-free prints directly from smartphones and tablets.
  2. hAppy+: an all-in-one device with the Google Android ™ operating system for creating ink-free prints right in the palm of your hand.
  • With both models, create and print custom designs,labels, photos, stickers, tags, coupons, and more without any ink, from a variety of apps.
  • Both models currently support AirPrint™ with additional protocol support underway.

Are you ready to run right out and buy one? Well, they were so popular, they SOLD OUT – Don’t worry there are more on the way! However, until then you can win one here!! You can win either a hAppy Smart App Printer (MSRP $199) or a hAppy+ Smart App Printer (MSRP $299). There will be two winners chosen randomly.


  1. Love this printer, no ink and printing from a phone would be great. Thanks for having this contest.

  2. I completely love that it has he full capability of printing from your phone! Glad they invented something like that!

  3. I’d be hAppy with either one, but the hAppy Smart App Printer is enough for me.
    Thanks for the contest.

  4. The fact the Happy works via wireless from any phone is awesome. Just set it on the table during family gatherings and let everyone print throughout the day and see what happens!

  5. My favorite part about the product is that it’s compatible with iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®. as well as with Android™ smartphone tablets and Amazon Kindle Fire™ tablets.

  6. The portability of it I have not seen a portable printer that you can use to print from your smartphone before

  7. The portability of it I have not seen a portable printer that you can use to print from your smartphone before

  8. I love that it is inkless printing and that I can print from my phone- I have so many cute Instagram photos I would love to print out!

  9. I love that it doesn’t use messy ink cartridges.
    Also that it is so easy to take along with me and use with my tablet.


  10. I love that it offers the convenience of no ink and variety in its capabilities… Especially when we are always looking for ways to save a few bucks! Those ink cartridges are not cheap!

  11. I am impressed with the ability to go mobile and wireless with this. Beyond that, this seems like such a fun and simple way to let our creativity run free.

  12. I like the portability and size of this product. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been away from home and wished I had printed out a coupon or been able to but been to far from home to make it worth going home to do so.

  13. What an awesome product! Wow… There is no excuse now not to print out your pictures and creations you’ve made on all your apps! Now you don’t have to plug in and download or waste ink! Love it! And it is portable…. 🙂 AWESOME Give Away!!!

  14. This product is amazing. A printer on the go with portable wifi!!!!!! Creative and a must have. thanks again. Thanks again for this amazing giveaway!!!

  15. How freakin’ genius ZINK zRolls™: Amazing Ink-free paper in a roll form
    It’s ink Free!!!!

  16. I’d love to win this for my wife. We just got back from our honeymoon in South Africa and she would love to use it for scrapbooking.

  17. My favorite product feature is that it is portable and wireless for on-the-go creativity and easy organization.

  18. My favorite part is that it needs no ink cartridge! WOW! My mouth is just dropped right now! Ink gets so expensive! Move over printers because ZINK hAppy is here! Whoever created these are geniuses!

  19. That would be so great to be able to print directly from the phone! Right now my home printer is on the fritz so I’d be happy just to be able to print anything!

  20. My favorite is the hAppy+ all-in-one Smart App Printer – it can print from the phone, it see,s like magic to me! (I am easily impressed).

  21. I like that it is small enough you could easily take it with you anywhere. What could be better than to spontaneously pull out this little device and print a picture for a relative or someone.

  22. I love how you can print photos from your phone any where with bluetooth. I love the ZINK hAppy Smart App Printer™.

  23. I love that it makes labels. This would be great for canning and freezing food. Everything would be organized.

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